Tuesday, July 31, 2007


life begins at 40

Yesterday was my 40th Birthday.

Some would say a milestone, others a wonder. As in Wonder how the fuck he lived that long!

I spent the majority of the day at the golf course by myself (everyone else had to work I played hooky) and I played well and had a nice afternoon of quite reflection. I really need to work on my putting. I would be a great member to have on the course for a "best ball" tourny as long as I didn't have to do the putting.

But I came to the conclusion that if you don't make a big fuss about your birthday neither will anyone else. and that is really quite refreshing. I have had a total of three birthday parties in my 40 years on this rock. One when I was 4 and it was a shared party with OB since we are a whopping year and 5 days apart, the second was when one of my baseball games coincided with my birthday, in 1977, I turned 10, and hit the only homer of the season (I still own that baseball 30 years later, my dad wrote the date on it for me..one of my more prized possessions), and when I turned 26. The girls that I lived above whilst running a bar in California threw me a surprise party at a bowling ally where we got drunk and laughed like school kids.

But I have never been one to make a big deal about my birthday, to me it seems to celebrate a day that you popped out of moms junk and screamed for 2 years before you started wrecking the house...seems a little silly. But I do know that most people like to celebrate that day with friends family and usually some sort of cocktail. AND they tend to do most of the party planning themselves. Unless it is a surprise party, then those people tend to want to share their birthday with people that they love and trust and have a good time doing it.

I guess that I always figured that if I had to plan a party, it was a lot of work and I really just wanted to have a drink and enjoy myself. And believe me when I was in the bar business my birthday drunks were legendary, some lasted a week solid.

So I am grateful for all of the well wishes and happy birthdays Thank you, and I had an excellent time! I am looking forward to the next 40 years, they should be as much if not more fun then the last 40.

Sunday, July 29, 2007



So I have been in Las Vegas for the last few days and I got a chance to visit some friends after meeting with some really groovy clients. It was a great visit.

On the way out I watched a movie n my palm pilot. I watched Rocky Balboa. I know bad reviews, seemingly bad idea, old boxer, young boxer, blood bath etc. etc.

Well I have to disagree. I watched this movie like I watched the first Rocky movie, open minded and remembering that it is supposed to be an escape from reality.

I cried throughout the entire movie. This was to the "aging and could have been but never was" athlete the best movie I have seen dealing with the residual feelings and emotions of never quite having the feeling of completion. Even the guys who play professional sports, if they were good, when they finally hang it up, there is always something left over and for some it is hard to deal with.

Some turn to drugs, some to business and some sink into a depression so deep they can only live in the "Glory Days". I have a friend of mine who I went to high school with who played one season of high school football his senior year. Every time I get together with him, not often enough, but still when I do see him, two beers into the evening and I am being whisked back into the days of high school football, and some random kindness that I showed him in the middle of a game. To him this was the pinnacle of his athletic career. Take this same feeling and spread it over the course of 10 more years, or 14, or on the extreme 20. You find yourself wondering if you did give as well as you got, and was there anything more that you could have done.

The feelings of accomplishment, and in most cases teamwork is what drives most athletes to continue in a business environment. That draw of being part of a team, is as strong as any addiction. I have these same feelings on a daily basis. I love being part of a group of people that accomplish a common goal, with individual talents working together towards that goal.

Rocky Balboa, was a great movie on how to handle those feelings. Ok not so much how to handle those feelings but more to the like on the fact that those feelings are present and dealing with them is the only way to either accept them or crush them once and for all so you don't spend the rest of days living in the glory years.

I know the critics and most of the general public thought that this was another Rocky, another underdog beats a bigger and better fighter, and in the end he gets the girl, respect, the money, and love of a nation. It was not, it was a film about how to deal with the left over wanting and needing of unfinished, or abruptly ended athleticism.

This movie made me think deeply about my life, the life I used to lead and trying to overcome the urge to become something I may not be. It opened my eyes to a need that has been crying out to be filled in some way, some how, that I have yet found. Hopefully I will figure out what is missing from my life's puzzle and fix the powerful yearning that makes me think I can still play with the big boys. Even if my 40th is tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007



The second Blogger get together of July will take place tomorrow night at Guv'ner Stumpy's place off of 71 hwy, somewhere...Unfortunately I will not be in attendance.

I know people will talk and call me names and cause some sort of rioting, but I have to be on a flight to Vegas first thing Thursday morning and I have entirely too much work to do between now and then to go party with the peeps!

So My apologies for not being there and I hope you'll be nice and have an excellent time without me. I know you will. I look forward to the ridicule.

July's 2nd Blogger Meet
hosted by
General Blather & My Spyderweb
Thursday July 26th at 5:00pm
All Import bottles $2
321 E Gregory BlvdKansas City, MO 64114

Monday, July 23, 2007


I want to be as cool as that guy at Death's Door

Laney`s Original Inkblot Test

Outcome B - The Comic.

Based on the descriptions you chose, you are charming, witty, and optomistic. You can find humour in even the darkest situation, and you find it easy to meet new people.

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I know I spew a ton of crap here and sometimes people think it's funny but most of the time I think I get more pity laughs then anything..."Hee hee haw, Look at the clown man, he is trying so hard, hee hee" And I'm ok with that, I know there isn't going to be a huge, or for that matter tiny book deal in it for me so I just keep coming back and writing stuff down either because it makes me giggle or I need to blow off steam.

I know corporations have blogs, and they pay some crazy intern in t-shirts and lunch coupons, to keep track of the daily goings on and new PR kits. Does anyone read those kind of blogs as well? I'm just curious as to who it is that reads the corporate rags? Is it just the competition or are there some corporate blogs that are worth reading to be reading them?

One of the tools I use daily is a website called Linkedin and it has been a great source of knowledge, as well as it allows me to answer other peoples questions as if I knew what I was doing....don't tell anyone but as a salesman I'm required by law to be 95% full of shit at any given moment. But I have found that if you are correct in the answer, much like 4th grade you will get a lot of attention lauded over you and really isn't that why the internet was built? So people could get the anonymous love and attention of strangers...well that and porn.

But anyway if there is a non political, non personal, corporate blog out there that is worth the read. Let me know I would be interested in finding what the hub bub is all about.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Confused old guys and why we love them...

Well the meeting went poorly first, due to an aging old man and his bad memory, secondly, his fucking pride. He couldn't remember where we were in the realm of the corporate world, his advisers we under the impression that they would be acquiring a full fledged company with assets and a 3 year history of sales. He finally remembers that he was wanting to invest his own money not the corporations money but his pride doesn't allow him to do that now that he has wasted a 1/2 day of his board of directors time not to mention or high dollar lawyer, and business negotiator.

So nothing has changed except we know that we will not being swimming in cash anytime soon. And that I have a meeting with one of the leading tax people here in KC next week and once I convince him that this thing will make more money then he knows for his company, well we'll have a sale and it will be big enough to get the ball rolling with the finances, and I'll still get a big bowl of money to throw a party.

So don't uncross your fingers and say a prayer for the baby boomers, they will all be retiring the next few years, some of them with the faculties, some without.

Friday, July 20, 2007


Good to be Friday

As the weekend approaches, I can wholeheartedly admit that I have been praying for this day to come for a month now.

My biz partner, and cousin, is heading to a meeting to possibly sell a IP that we have developed over the last 2 years. If this sale happens, well we won't be the three nerds in the BK commercial with the line "Thats 33 million double cheeseburgers each", but it will still be one hell of a payday for us.


So I got an email from the Future me this morning, that reads;

"Dear FutureMe,
What is you ass been doing for the last year? Did Cuzzin's Project work out? Are you know a wealthy guy living off of the interest of your salesmanship? Has you fat ass been to the gym recently? You are 10 days away from turning 40 do you feel like turning you're 40?"

So to answer myself, which is weird that the big meeting is today, and I asked if it was sold yet a year ago...creepy, but I guess we'll find out in a couple of hours. I have not been to the gym lately, unless you count Golf as a work out, and I know I'm 10 days away from 40, but I am not that old that riding in a golf cart is a workout. I have lost 70 lbs or so...ok 65 lbs, but I do havve to poop, so maybe 70 lbs. I still don't feel 40, I feel pretty much like I did when I was in High School. Weird I know but I can still remember my locker combo, and they haven't changed it in 22 years either, because when I was at my 20 year reunion, we went to the school to see how it had changed, and I opened my locker. I was tempted to steal all of the pens, but I figured that kid had enough problems just being in my old school.

So weird emails, big meetings and the wait for the weekend where I'll be firmly inducted into a secret society that helps the old, sick and orphaned. Anyone else in the KC area wanna join said secret organization let me know!

Have a great weekend and if I suddenly have money...I'll host a OPEN bar Blog meet up complete with BBQ at a park somewhere on a future Saturday.

Keep your fingers crossed!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Movie Star Friends.

So about two years ago I heard that my friend Myrton Running Wolf was going to be in the movie "A New World" With Colin Ferell, naturally I still haven't seen the flick, but I did look him up and we chatted a couple of times and I was loooking forward to hopefully running into him sometime soon...I mean LA is onlyu a couple hors from Vegas, and it seems like I'm in Vegas all the time.

Well I lost him.

I tried to call him and his cell is not the same, and email doesn't seem to work for him, so I am playing in search of.

Cool part about all of this is that I did locate his short film Sacinaw (saw-CEE-naw), on the Fox website for the "On the Lot" TV show. Check it out here

It is a short but poignant piece.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Attention NFL Rookies!

It is so surprise that I am a Football Junkie. I even watch the Canadian Football league, in the summer time just to get a little fix!

But I have some advice for today's rookies. Well it may be too late for this year's batch of rookies, but surely they can pass this message on to the next years rookies, or even the college seniors.

Ebonics is not a legitimate language, and if you are being interviewed please refrain from speaking in "street" because it is un-listenable, unintelligible nonsense. I have a Sirius Satellite Radio, and I listen to the NFL channel and I am getting extremely annoyed at the lack of intelligent speaking sports athletes.

knowwhatimsayin', okokoklistentothis, seewhatimsayin'

Please for the love of all things holy. spend some of that millions of dollars in rookie signing money, on fucking speech and public speaking classes. For fucks sake, you are now a part of a multi BILLION dollar BUSINESS! This is not the sandlot, or the fucking after hours street game that you used to play with "yo boyz" in the fucking park on Saturday. There, in the park it is acceptable to sound like a drunken gorilla with a mouthful of shit, on national TV and radio, not so much. So please while you're in college take advantage of some speech and theater classes to teach yourselves to speak some semblance of understandable English.

Monday, July 16, 2007


Monday Morning Douchebaggery

This morning, I am wearing a brand new t-shirt. I didn't buy it, it was one I made 6 years ago when I was a Screen Printer Supervisor (I have to say that so you people think I have some sort of upper management capability, and not just some sort of scrub ink monkey)however I have never worn it. It is a Santana concert shirt that we printed for the Aztlan Graphics company, the same people that brought you "Homies", anyway when I made this shit, it was still a little snug. So I'm slimmer then I was 6 years ago...THAT makes Nighty a happy man.

Bouby forgot her work keys, at work last Friday, and had to sit in her car, until one of the agents showed up to let her in.

My friend Lizard's G-pa passed away Thursday and I sent flowers to the service today, and naturally the cock suckers didn't have what I ordered for the service which is at 10 (20 mins from now)so They called and I had to substitute, fucking ass hammers.

OH and Spyder and Heather have set up the 2nd blogger meet up this month!

July's Blogger Meet
hosted by
General Blather & My Spyderweb
Thursday July 26th at 5:00pm
All Import bottles $2
321 E Gregory BlvdKansas City, MO 64114
Quit your whining & show up!
You know we talk about you when you aren't there!

(blatantly stolen from Spyder)

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Dick Chaney

Ok so Saturday I was at the Odd Fellows lodge making breakfast for the local VFW members and their families. We want to have a more published and advertised breakfast right before Veteran's day, but we needed a practice run so we don't have a ginormaous fucking mess.

Since I'm one of those annoying morning people Bouby slept in and I went to serve the breakfast. She needed to sleep in we went to the Blue October concert that my boss helped sanctioned by purchasing the VIP area at the Crossroads amphitheater in the art district of KC. So since we had free tickets and nothing else to do we went and had a good time. However it was a long night and she doesn't do long nights AND early mornings. so she slept. Oh and BTW the show was awesome and if you get a chance to see these guys I would highly recommend it.

So Back to the story...I was in the kitchen waiting for anyone else to show up so I wouldn't feel overwhelmed at trying to serve 40-50 Vets with only one other person there to juggle OJ, and serve the plates. When one of the vets who is also an odd fellow, a gentleman in his late 60's early 70's came in to help me. As the morning progresses naturally we chat away like a couple of old hens and someone kicked the coop. Come to find out THIS cat was Dick Chaney's driver in the Gulf War when he was GH's Defense Secretary.

Yeah. I was floored. He drove around the closest thing to Darth Vader that America has ever seen for 3 years in the sand. We chatted a lot about how much of a bitch Chaney's wife is and how she would deliberately leave her keys in the house when she left just so someone in the protection staff would be forced to come down and let her into the house...yes she wanted her own 5th Avenue Penthouse door man on the base.

We also talked about how Gen. Schwarzkopf, was the rear General and Colin Powell and Chaney plotted the whole war from their offices up front in the thick of shit, and the reason that Ol Norman was chosen as the front man was because he was old and white and not cool and black like Powell, as well as a General, unlike Dick who was the lowly Defense secretary.

I plan on picking his mind some more later on and seeing how much cool stuff I can hear about.

Oh and he also agrees with the rest of the planet about Chaney and his interpretation of his duties as V P. 231 years everyone playing by the same rule book NOW all of a sudden Dick thinks he is outside the laws of the USA.

what a crotch.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Is America Dumb?

Is America a “Dumb” Country?

Well Mr. Henry Rollins, let me answer that with a smattering of observations from around the nation.

1)We let George Bush in the White House….TWICE
2)There are pictures of food instead of numbers on the cash registers at fast food joints
3)Kids today aren’t taught the basic math skills needed to do simple calculations in their heads….unless they are home schooled.
4)Americans have no sense of responsibility. If something goes wrong in our lives we blame someone or something else! Hurricane Katrina, where do I fucking start? There was 5 days of warning telling people to clear out this was going to be like nothing ever seen before and they 90% of them IGNORED the experts and stayed right were they were. Then it was the experts fault when they didn’t get what they needed as fast as they thought they needed it. It took less then 12 hours for those thieving backwards assed ghetto fucks to lose all sense of civility and revert back to might makes right, and if you left without it must be mine. FUCK YOU NEW ORLEANS.
5)The American Medical Association is allowed to run rampant, and play god while our teachers struggle with 2 and 3 jobs to make ends meet. How many Teachers do you know say that they DESERVE a BMW Or a Mercedes? These ass clown doctors always say shit like “I went to school for 12 years and then worked for free for 4 more, I deserve this car. You wanna know something? TEACHERS go to school EVERY FUCKING DAY for 25-40 years and they have to deal with you and your fucked up wife, not believing that your kid acts like the Antichrist in school! Then when you decide your wife’s ass is too big and you go find a little 20 something to try and replace her, the fucking teachers have to be there to explain why none of this is the kids fault why you two try and use them to fuck each other over. FUCK YOU DOCTORS!
6)Cindy Sheehan is using her son’s death, who by the way was a brave fighting solider, as a scapegoat for her personal agenda. Would she have felt the same if we hadn’t went to war and all her son got was an education? FUCK NO! she would have been “I’m sorry that all those kids are getting killed out there, I’m just thankful that my boy is down at the jiffy lube as head grease monkey” Would she demanded that her son NOT take any of the GI benefits because someone else may need them more? NO, so Cindy please sit you dumb ass down and shut the fuck up. And by the way FUCK YOU CINDY!
7)Republicans…fuck where do I start? You actually believe that 2000 years ago some greater being dropped his one and only son off down here on Earth as some sort of fucked up science experiment to see if we would embrace him or chase him out as a weirdo and the face of change that we couldn’t deal with so we would kill him….yay, great choice to base ALL important decisions on. WWJD? I’ll fucking tell you what Jesus would do, He would look at you and ask why? Why can’t love blossom where ever it is even if both parties have cocks? Why do think that everything I have said is a riddle? Maybe it was a fucking hallucination from too much wine? And most of that shit didn’t happen because you assholes couldn’t write at that time and no one took good notes! Lets take what you assholes call Psalm 40:6 and I quote “Sacrifice and offering you did not desire, but my ears you have pierced, burnt offerings and sin offerings you did not require.” Do you have any fucking idea what that meant? I was talking to a group of pirates and they wanted their ears pierced and I did it for them because they needed a place to hang a gold earring, so that they would have money to be buried at all times. They wanted to pay me with sex and food, I told them to fuck off and it was cash only….Yeah I’m pretty sure that is how Jesus would react if he were to meet some of these GOP Douchebags. FUCK YOU, STUPID COCK SUCKING DOORKNOBS, I GOT YOUR RELIGION RIGHT HERE!
8)Democrats are no fucking better..”OH jesus, we need more free shit from the government, My baby needs cheese, and send me some mo’ money because I can’t figure out how to use birth control! But I have figured out that if I have a bunch of fucking booger eating, crack dealing, kids the Gub-ment will send me Mo’ Money each month and Then when those little crumb snatchers turn 18 the Gub-ment will put them up in a nice, secure housing development where there is only the occasional anal rape. But at least they will get to see their daddies.” FUCK YOU AND YOUR WASTEFUL GUB-MENT SPENDING
9)Racists and homophones…GET OFF MY FUCKING PLANET! You are sucking up precious oxygen normal people need. There is no room for these people in society today. With all of the people that are just fucking stupid or assholes, there is no reason to hate anyone based on what genitalia they have their lips on, or what fucking color their skin is. It is a wasted fucking emotion. This pack of jack offs needs to go ahead and shoot each other in the face with a .12 gauge just so we can go ahead and put some decent black, brown, white, yellow, orange folk in their houses and behind the wheels of their pick ups and their BMW’s. FUCK YOU, YOU COCK SUCKING BIGOTS OFF MY PLANET NOW
10)PETA- That’s right fuck off PETA. When you feel that an animal has more rights then a fucking human being, I want you to go ahead and sell all of your shit and move into the woods. That’s right just walk into the rain forest and try and grow a fucking tail. If testing some wonder drug on some fucking monkey will mean that my gay friend who has AIDS gets to live another 20 years, before he gets murdered in a gay bashing incident in Montana, I’ll fucking hold that monkey’s head while the researcher greases it up and we can both fuck it. FUCK YOU PETA!

So in closing I would like to reiterate the high points;
1)Fuck Bush
2)Fuck Micky D’s for making our kids fat and retarded
3)HOORAY home schooling
4)Fuck New Orleans
5)Fuck you AMA
6)Fuck you Cindy
7)Fuck you GOP
8)Fuck you Democrats
9)Fuck you Bigots
10)Fuck you PETA

That is why we are a dumb nation. To many fucking nuts without jobs dictating laws and law making for the “Betterment” of “decent” society. FUCK YOU AND GET BACK TO FUCKING WORK!

Yeah that probably didn't describe why America is Dumb, more like why Americans need a big FUCK OFF from me. I'll work on the explanation of "Dumb" part.

Monday, July 09, 2007


Those crazy weekend antics!

This last weekend was a spectacular showcase of sillyness and spending money that we don’t have. HOWEVER IT was well worth it all.

Friday we went to bed early because we are lame old people who partied way too much in our teens, 20’s and 30’s.

Saturday I went and played golf with some old friends of mine and that was a blast. I shot an average of 3 over par for the front 9, and since I had a pool party to attend that afternoon we didn’t run the back nine. But I hear that sex and golf are the only two things you can be bad at and still enjoy, and I’m sure that if I played more then 3 times a year I would be better at it. But I don’t because I am not retired yet….yet.

Then a friend of Bouby’s had invited us to a pool party with her and her husband, their 5 kids, her sisters 3 kids, and her friends 4 kids, as well as her dad, his mail order bride, and their new baby….yes he knocked up his new wife, and now the family of procreators have a baby sister. I would love to be there for that explanation..”Daddy why is my sister 34 years older then me?”

“Well baby …hand me that inhaler, and turn up my oxygen, The reason is ..*Cough cough sputter* I say the reason is *Cough cough* Goddamnit! I knocked up your mother as soon as I got her in country…that’s all you need to know…now wheel me into the sun, I need some vitamin D.”

Ok he probably isn’t that old but, he is old enough to know how babies are made, hell he made 4 others from his first wife. I’m just saying, Trojan….cheaper then diapers.

At least his life insurance will pay for the college education.

But all of the girls that were walking around that pool…well they were all so cute and they kept hitting me, I’m glad Bouby was there I might have been tempted to scoop them up and snuggle!

This last one is Joey the Duck Future gangster.

But I’m also happier then a pig in shit that we were able to go to this party with none of our own and leave when we wanted with no crying, or whining or desperate attempts to stay by clinging of the legs. There was like 20 screaming and giggling kinds ranging from 1-17 yrs old in the pool and man a live were they noisy! So when I had finally had enough screaming and giggling and flirting with 3 year olds, we decided to go home and do some more sleeping.

THEN! And here is the exciting part of the story, on Sunday, we went to The Woodlands, KC own dog and horse track because my email notification told me that the best birthday present in the world was running in the last race at Churchill Downs for the spring and summer season. So my older brother and Bouby and I loaded up and went to the track.

I’m telling you if you haven’t been to a horse track on a regular day, not like the Derby, or the Preakness, but like on a Sunday, you are missing out on some of the best people watching on the planet! You get to see such a great cross section of people, From the 75 year old Grinder who sits there day in and day out grinding out a living on his knowledge of horses, racing and jockeys, all the way down to the weekly welfare mom using her left over WIC coupons, to sell to the Pimp on the corner for 10 cents on the dollar, so she can bet her dogs, and make the rent so she doesn’t have to blow the landlord again this month.

Naturally I’m speculating, she could have been from JOCO.

But anyway it was the first time back on the track for Tis A Man, our horse, and he was favored to win, naturally since we have a vested interest in the horse, we bet big.

Well he got bumped coming out of the gate, and never recovered, and I’m pretty sure that our jockey was using the whip on his own ass, not the horse.

Sadistic Jockeys never work out…they get too distracted

So we were out about $150.00 (including our tab) and then it was back to bed.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Pissing on the 4th

Ah the fourth of July. A national holiday completely revolving around blowing stuff up with explosives and lighting the night sky on fire with pretty pieces of flammable chemicals, what could possibly be better?

Well the cherry on my sundae yesterday was after spending all afternoon with ½ of the future in-laws up in Cameron MO, having off plan food, like burgers, brats, and the new smokin cheddar BBQ Doritios, then being able to flex the back muscles a bit and moving a couple of refrigerators, and getting some groovy shots of the niece. Then coming home to find out our dog, what gets excited by bright light and loud noises like thunderstorms, fireworks, and my camera flash, has broken out of her steel kennel and knocked the kitchen door off it’s hinges and then proceeded to lock herself in the office…yes she is Houdini.

But wait THAT’S NOT ALL!!

After relaxing for a bit on the couch we decide that since both of us have to work we will go to bed early and try and sleep. So we head off to the bed room where Bouby promptly steps into a large pool of dog urine.

Joy of all Joys! Our stupid panic stricken dog made a couple of stops through the house before locking herself in the office. So as Bouby was cleaning up the mess, (HEY it was on her side!) I was watching the Sopranos on A&E, when she makes a nasty discovery…The fucking dog, apparently mad and crazy from the noise decided to jump up on the bed and fill her side with piss as well, all over the down comforter. It was this precise moment that I realize that my left shoulder is moist, and I can smell dog piss on my pillow.

Now I know she can’t really be blamed for being scared of loud noises any more then my dead grandmother…but (and this is a crucial Butt, squeeze - squeeze) For fucks sake why does she need to pee from on high? This is the second time that she did this, the first being on the down mattress topper in the guest room, 2 years ago. What would make a dog want to get on tall furniture and wiz away? I mean really…So as Bouby was removing the comforter, and I threw my pillow away, she noticed that the piss had soaked through to the space foam mattress topper, and we needed to strip the bed and find new blankets.

So much for going to bed early.

And to top it all off our neighbors decided that MASSIVE explosions that rock our windows are best at midnight, so that was fun. Bouby only woke up for one and then she was awake for exactly 2.35 seconds, then the light but highly arousing snoring started again….

Tuesday, July 03, 2007



Oh what fun we had at the blogger love fest last night at Mickey’s Irish pub in the northland. I’m sorry to report that none of the southern KC bloggers were brave enough to leave their safe and pretentious homes to come north and revel in the redneckery that is the Great White North. Nor did any of the mid town afraid of White Flight Bloggers make it out for a couple of cocktails, With the exception of my partner in all things bloggery crime The Hammer, naturally she showed up, but that is because it was the cool thing to do. Also there to enlighten me in politics, and youthful transgressions… Miss Naughty Spyder, and Miss Naughty Heather, why Naughty you ask? Well I could explain that to you but more than likely you should have just fucking been there you fucking prats! Also there to enliven the group with his own words of wisdom and tales of youthful mishaps and deeds none other then KC Own Xaiver You should have heard the four of them go at it when Heather told everyone that Bush set the Libbster free…it was like some one kicked the coop.

One of the other things we chatted about was this little tidbit of info that I found a little weird not to mention completely insane The self-mummified monks of Japan. And my want to enter this contest brought to my attention by JBK a blogger out of New York that I didn’t know peeped my stuff and dropped me a comment to head me off to the land of a Henry Rollins rants contest..here

Now all I need is a .30 second video of one of his topics and I think I’ll be on my way to California to Host his show on IFC. Nothing like a fat angry guy to mix stuff up a bit! Here is a list of the topics...help me choose.


1. American Forces in Iraq: Making America a safer or less safe place?
2. America withdrawing troops from Iraq
3. Reproduction Rights for Women
4. Impeachment of Bush and Cheyney
5. Is America a Dumb Country?
6. The Emergency response of the Bush Administration to the Katrina disaster
7. The behavior of teenagers due to exposure of mature content on multiple mediums
8. Global Warming / Climate Change
9. American companies outsourcing services to companies overseas
10. Is America ready for a black president? A female president?
11. America's Trade Debt to China

Anyway I have done more links here today then in the previous 3 months all together, so the next time we decide to party it up on a patio you ass clowns from Jo-Co need to find a way to make your BMW’s go further than 5 miles to work in your boutique…jack asses.

No I’m not bitter…not any more then usual that is.

Monday, July 02, 2007


Almost middle age....

I was reminded by Ruksak that July is the month where I turn a blistering 40 years old. He also inquired as to how I'm dealing with all this hoopla of turning 40.

Well Ruk, I don't feel any different then I did when I turned 30 or 21 for that matter. I have always been a somewhat late bloomer, with the exception of the being frickin huge coming out of the womb and not slowing down until I hit 19, but everything else I have been a little slow on the uptake.

Example; when I was in high school I didn't date. None of the girls in my class interested me. I would had rather had a beer back then as a kiss. So I didn't pay them much attention. As a matter of fact I hate cheerleaders because they always seem to yell the wrong thing at the wrong time, mostly in the middle of the game.

Example; All of the people I know with the exception of the gay guys and gals, are married, divorced, all with kids. I have never been married, and I just got around to asking Bouby after 5 years....again, a little slower then normal. Hell my baby cousins are all married and procreating like bunnies. I think they have their own basketball team...well except they are short, white, farmers.

So for me to be turning 40 is no big deal, because I still feel like I'm 20 something. well (again with the exceptions) I have more money, less weed and a much smaller drinking habit.

Speaking of drinking habits I'll see you all at Micky's tonight around 5:30.

Sunday, July 01, 2007



I am now back to wireless, sound having video having, game playing mad skills having XP!! PLEASE for the love of all things holy, DO NOT BUY AND USE VISTA!! It is a huge ram sucking pile of shit, and NOTHING is compatible with it!


Vista is another ME fucking mess.

Bill Gates and all his shit needs to be pushed off the edge of the world and never hared from again! Does anyone know Lynix and how do I use it?

Fuck this I'm off to shop!


What a muckin fess!

Ok I need some big time help. I have gutted my new laptop and everything is up and running except the audio drivers and wireless modem thingy! Anyone familiar with HP crap?

Little help here...