Monday, July 16, 2007


Monday Morning Douchebaggery

This morning, I am wearing a brand new t-shirt. I didn't buy it, it was one I made 6 years ago when I was a Screen Printer Supervisor (I have to say that so you people think I have some sort of upper management capability, and not just some sort of scrub ink monkey)however I have never worn it. It is a Santana concert shirt that we printed for the Aztlan Graphics company, the same people that brought you "Homies", anyway when I made this shit, it was still a little snug. So I'm slimmer then I was 6 years ago...THAT makes Nighty a happy man.

Bouby forgot her work keys, at work last Friday, and had to sit in her car, until one of the agents showed up to let her in.

My friend Lizard's G-pa passed away Thursday and I sent flowers to the service today, and naturally the cock suckers didn't have what I ordered for the service which is at 10 (20 mins from now)so They called and I had to substitute, fucking ass hammers.

OH and Spyder and Heather have set up the 2nd blogger meet up this month!

July's Blogger Meet
hosted by
General Blather & My Spyderweb
Thursday July 26th at 5:00pm
All Import bottles $2
321 E Gregory BlvdKansas City, MO 64114
Quit your whining & show up!
You know we talk about you when you aren't there!

(blatantly stolen from Spyder)

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