Monday, July 23, 2007



I know I spew a ton of crap here and sometimes people think it's funny but most of the time I think I get more pity laughs then anything..."Hee hee haw, Look at the clown man, he is trying so hard, hee hee" And I'm ok with that, I know there isn't going to be a huge, or for that matter tiny book deal in it for me so I just keep coming back and writing stuff down either because it makes me giggle or I need to blow off steam.

I know corporations have blogs, and they pay some crazy intern in t-shirts and lunch coupons, to keep track of the daily goings on and new PR kits. Does anyone read those kind of blogs as well? I'm just curious as to who it is that reads the corporate rags? Is it just the competition or are there some corporate blogs that are worth reading to be reading them?

One of the tools I use daily is a website called Linkedin and it has been a great source of knowledge, as well as it allows me to answer other peoples questions as if I knew what I was doing....don't tell anyone but as a salesman I'm required by law to be 95% full of shit at any given moment. But I have found that if you are correct in the answer, much like 4th grade you will get a lot of attention lauded over you and really isn't that why the internet was built? So people could get the anonymous love and attention of strangers...well that and porn.

But anyway if there is a non political, non personal, corporate blog out there that is worth the read. Let me know I would be interested in finding what the hub bub is all about.

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