Tuesday, July 31, 2007


life begins at 40

Yesterday was my 40th Birthday.

Some would say a milestone, others a wonder. As in Wonder how the fuck he lived that long!

I spent the majority of the day at the golf course by myself (everyone else had to work I played hooky) and I played well and had a nice afternoon of quite reflection. I really need to work on my putting. I would be a great member to have on the course for a "best ball" tourny as long as I didn't have to do the putting.

But I came to the conclusion that if you don't make a big fuss about your birthday neither will anyone else. and that is really quite refreshing. I have had a total of three birthday parties in my 40 years on this rock. One when I was 4 and it was a shared party with OB since we are a whopping year and 5 days apart, the second was when one of my baseball games coincided with my birthday, in 1977, I turned 10, and hit the only homer of the season (I still own that baseball 30 years later, my dad wrote the date on it for me..one of my more prized possessions), and when I turned 26. The girls that I lived above whilst running a bar in California threw me a surprise party at a bowling ally where we got drunk and laughed like school kids.

But I have never been one to make a big deal about my birthday, to me it seems to celebrate a day that you popped out of moms junk and screamed for 2 years before you started wrecking the house...seems a little silly. But I do know that most people like to celebrate that day with friends family and usually some sort of cocktail. AND they tend to do most of the party planning themselves. Unless it is a surprise party, then those people tend to want to share their birthday with people that they love and trust and have a good time doing it.

I guess that I always figured that if I had to plan a party, it was a lot of work and I really just wanted to have a drink and enjoy myself. And believe me when I was in the bar business my birthday drunks were legendary, some lasted a week solid.

So I am grateful for all of the well wishes and happy birthdays Thank you, and I had an excellent time! I am looking forward to the next 40 years, they should be as much if not more fun then the last 40.

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