Sunday, July 15, 2007


Dick Chaney

Ok so Saturday I was at the Odd Fellows lodge making breakfast for the local VFW members and their families. We want to have a more published and advertised breakfast right before Veteran's day, but we needed a practice run so we don't have a ginormaous fucking mess.

Since I'm one of those annoying morning people Bouby slept in and I went to serve the breakfast. She needed to sleep in we went to the Blue October concert that my boss helped sanctioned by purchasing the VIP area at the Crossroads amphitheater in the art district of KC. So since we had free tickets and nothing else to do we went and had a good time. However it was a long night and she doesn't do long nights AND early mornings. so she slept. Oh and BTW the show was awesome and if you get a chance to see these guys I would highly recommend it.

So Back to the story...I was in the kitchen waiting for anyone else to show up so I wouldn't feel overwhelmed at trying to serve 40-50 Vets with only one other person there to juggle OJ, and serve the plates. When one of the vets who is also an odd fellow, a gentleman in his late 60's early 70's came in to help me. As the morning progresses naturally we chat away like a couple of old hens and someone kicked the coop. Come to find out THIS cat was Dick Chaney's driver in the Gulf War when he was GH's Defense Secretary.

Yeah. I was floored. He drove around the closest thing to Darth Vader that America has ever seen for 3 years in the sand. We chatted a lot about how much of a bitch Chaney's wife is and how she would deliberately leave her keys in the house when she left just so someone in the protection staff would be forced to come down and let her into the house...yes she wanted her own 5th Avenue Penthouse door man on the base.

We also talked about how Gen. Schwarzkopf, was the rear General and Colin Powell and Chaney plotted the whole war from their offices up front in the thick of shit, and the reason that Ol Norman was chosen as the front man was because he was old and white and not cool and black like Powell, as well as a General, unlike Dick who was the lowly Defense secretary.

I plan on picking his mind some more later on and seeing how much cool stuff I can hear about.

Oh and he also agrees with the rest of the planet about Chaney and his interpretation of his duties as V P. 231 years everyone playing by the same rule book NOW all of a sudden Dick thinks he is outside the laws of the USA.

what a crotch.

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