Thursday, June 25, 2009


Michael, Farrah, and Ed

In the last 2 weeks we lost an American Icon in Ed McMahon, THE sex symbol of the 70's Farrah, and a crazy black man who liked to touch little boys and grab his crotch. Yeah ok Micheal sang a bit too, sold some records, big fucking deal!

Farrah...well her poster hung in my bedroom, I lost my masturbatory virginity to those triple A battery sized nipples, AND even though she was only on Charlies Angels for one season, she inspired a hair style, that 30 years later still bears her name!

Old drunks and semi black pedophiles? FUCK YOU!

Farrah, thank you for your being you, and for all mankind I apologize for what you had to put up with with that wife beating asshat Ryan O'neil!