Monday, July 02, 2007


Almost middle age....

I was reminded by Ruksak that July is the month where I turn a blistering 40 years old. He also inquired as to how I'm dealing with all this hoopla of turning 40.

Well Ruk, I don't feel any different then I did when I turned 30 or 21 for that matter. I have always been a somewhat late bloomer, with the exception of the being frickin huge coming out of the womb and not slowing down until I hit 19, but everything else I have been a little slow on the uptake.

Example; when I was in high school I didn't date. None of the girls in my class interested me. I would had rather had a beer back then as a kiss. So I didn't pay them much attention. As a matter of fact I hate cheerleaders because they always seem to yell the wrong thing at the wrong time, mostly in the middle of the game.

Example; All of the people I know with the exception of the gay guys and gals, are married, divorced, all with kids. I have never been married, and I just got around to asking Bouby after 5 years....again, a little slower then normal. Hell my baby cousins are all married and procreating like bunnies. I think they have their own basketball team...well except they are short, white, farmers.

So for me to be turning 40 is no big deal, because I still feel like I'm 20 something. well (again with the exceptions) I have more money, less weed and a much smaller drinking habit.

Speaking of drinking habits I'll see you all at Micky's tonight around 5:30.

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