Tuesday, July 03, 2007



Oh what fun we had at the blogger love fest last night at Mickey’s Irish pub in the northland. I’m sorry to report that none of the southern KC bloggers were brave enough to leave their safe and pretentious homes to come north and revel in the redneckery that is the Great White North. Nor did any of the mid town afraid of White Flight Bloggers make it out for a couple of cocktails, With the exception of my partner in all things bloggery crime The Hammer, naturally she showed up, but that is because it was the cool thing to do. Also there to enlighten me in politics, and youthful transgressions… Miss Naughty Spyder, and Miss Naughty Heather, why Naughty you ask? Well I could explain that to you but more than likely you should have just fucking been there you fucking prats! Also there to enliven the group with his own words of wisdom and tales of youthful mishaps and deeds none other then KC Own Xaiver You should have heard the four of them go at it when Heather told everyone that Bush set the Libbster free…it was like some one kicked the coop.

One of the other things we chatted about was this little tidbit of info that I found a little weird not to mention completely insane The self-mummified monks of Japan. And my want to enter this contest brought to my attention by JBK a blogger out of New York that I didn’t know peeped my stuff and dropped me a comment to head me off to the land of a Henry Rollins rants contest..here

Now all I need is a .30 second video of one of his topics and I think I’ll be on my way to California to Host his show on IFC. Nothing like a fat angry guy to mix stuff up a bit! Here is a list of the topics...help me choose.


1. American Forces in Iraq: Making America a safer or less safe place?
2. America withdrawing troops from Iraq
3. Reproduction Rights for Women
4. Impeachment of Bush and Cheyney
5. Is America a Dumb Country?
6. The Emergency response of the Bush Administration to the Katrina disaster
7. The behavior of teenagers due to exposure of mature content on multiple mediums
8. Global Warming / Climate Change
9. American companies outsourcing services to companies overseas
10. Is America ready for a black president? A female president?
11. America's Trade Debt to China

Anyway I have done more links here today then in the previous 3 months all together, so the next time we decide to party it up on a patio you ass clowns from Jo-Co need to find a way to make your BMW’s go further than 5 miles to work in your boutique…jack asses.

No I’m not bitter…not any more then usual that is.

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