Thursday, March 12, 2009


You want an update I'll give you an update!

We interrupt this story for an honest to god update of Nightmare's life.

I am busy. I have been flying all over the country since November, and I am back on the road in the morning. I am flying to Sacramento in the morning for two reasons.

One is bad, one could be life changing.

First the Bad.
I have a friend who was diagnosed with cancer last sept. they thought They got it all, two weeks ago they gave him two months. I am going to say good bye.

The Life Changing reason.

I'm going to see if an E-friend is compatible in real life for a possible business venture where I franchise his ideas, concepts and life plans in a new style of gym that centers around being strong and healthy and less about looking like you are strong and healthy. To see what I am doing go here And then buy his book and look for a way to change your life. Darrin, I'm talking to you!

The reason that this gym feels right to me is because every since I quit playing football I have been missing the camaraderie of the "team" and this place replaces it. There are no mirrors, Mr. Conrad says the people who need the gym the most ALREADY have body image issues, and don't need a reminder when they work out trying to change those issues. It is also an art gallery and the occasional live music venue.

It is a renaissance gym using archaic tools and fun. I want to spread that fun.

So for the 4 people looking for Chapter 11 of Vance Manion Private Eye and Personal Strength Coach, it is coming...sit tight I have other shit on my mind.

Does anyone remember when I said just a few months ago that enough was enough? And people repeated that "god only gives you what you can handle..the rest makes you stronger"...How much fucking stronger do I fucking need to be? Seriously would someone please call their imaginary sky friend off my ass because I'm fixing to send Thor back over there and put the Hammer on him.