Saturday, July 21, 2007


Confused old guys and why we love them...

Well the meeting went poorly first, due to an aging old man and his bad memory, secondly, his fucking pride. He couldn't remember where we were in the realm of the corporate world, his advisers we under the impression that they would be acquiring a full fledged company with assets and a 3 year history of sales. He finally remembers that he was wanting to invest his own money not the corporations money but his pride doesn't allow him to do that now that he has wasted a 1/2 day of his board of directors time not to mention or high dollar lawyer, and business negotiator.

So nothing has changed except we know that we will not being swimming in cash anytime soon. And that I have a meeting with one of the leading tax people here in KC next week and once I convince him that this thing will make more money then he knows for his company, well we'll have a sale and it will be big enough to get the ball rolling with the finances, and I'll still get a big bowl of money to throw a party.

So don't uncross your fingers and say a prayer for the baby boomers, they will all be retiring the next few years, some of them with the faculties, some without.

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