Thursday, July 12, 2007


Is America Dumb?

Is America a “Dumb” Country?

Well Mr. Henry Rollins, let me answer that with a smattering of observations from around the nation.

1)We let George Bush in the White House….TWICE
2)There are pictures of food instead of numbers on the cash registers at fast food joints
3)Kids today aren’t taught the basic math skills needed to do simple calculations in their heads….unless they are home schooled.
4)Americans have no sense of responsibility. If something goes wrong in our lives we blame someone or something else! Hurricane Katrina, where do I fucking start? There was 5 days of warning telling people to clear out this was going to be like nothing ever seen before and they 90% of them IGNORED the experts and stayed right were they were. Then it was the experts fault when they didn’t get what they needed as fast as they thought they needed it. It took less then 12 hours for those thieving backwards assed ghetto fucks to lose all sense of civility and revert back to might makes right, and if you left without it must be mine. FUCK YOU NEW ORLEANS.
5)The American Medical Association is allowed to run rampant, and play god while our teachers struggle with 2 and 3 jobs to make ends meet. How many Teachers do you know say that they DESERVE a BMW Or a Mercedes? These ass clown doctors always say shit like “I went to school for 12 years and then worked for free for 4 more, I deserve this car. You wanna know something? TEACHERS go to school EVERY FUCKING DAY for 25-40 years and they have to deal with you and your fucked up wife, not believing that your kid acts like the Antichrist in school! Then when you decide your wife’s ass is too big and you go find a little 20 something to try and replace her, the fucking teachers have to be there to explain why none of this is the kids fault why you two try and use them to fuck each other over. FUCK YOU DOCTORS!
6)Cindy Sheehan is using her son’s death, who by the way was a brave fighting solider, as a scapegoat for her personal agenda. Would she have felt the same if we hadn’t went to war and all her son got was an education? FUCK NO! she would have been “I’m sorry that all those kids are getting killed out there, I’m just thankful that my boy is down at the jiffy lube as head grease monkey” Would she demanded that her son NOT take any of the GI benefits because someone else may need them more? NO, so Cindy please sit you dumb ass down and shut the fuck up. And by the way FUCK YOU CINDY!
7)Republicans…fuck where do I start? You actually believe that 2000 years ago some greater being dropped his one and only son off down here on Earth as some sort of fucked up science experiment to see if we would embrace him or chase him out as a weirdo and the face of change that we couldn’t deal with so we would kill him….yay, great choice to base ALL important decisions on. WWJD? I’ll fucking tell you what Jesus would do, He would look at you and ask why? Why can’t love blossom where ever it is even if both parties have cocks? Why do think that everything I have said is a riddle? Maybe it was a fucking hallucination from too much wine? And most of that shit didn’t happen because you assholes couldn’t write at that time and no one took good notes! Lets take what you assholes call Psalm 40:6 and I quote “Sacrifice and offering you did not desire, but my ears you have pierced, burnt offerings and sin offerings you did not require.” Do you have any fucking idea what that meant? I was talking to a group of pirates and they wanted their ears pierced and I did it for them because they needed a place to hang a gold earring, so that they would have money to be buried at all times. They wanted to pay me with sex and food, I told them to fuck off and it was cash only….Yeah I’m pretty sure that is how Jesus would react if he were to meet some of these GOP Douchebags. FUCK YOU, STUPID COCK SUCKING DOORKNOBS, I GOT YOUR RELIGION RIGHT HERE!
8)Democrats are no fucking better..”OH jesus, we need more free shit from the government, My baby needs cheese, and send me some mo’ money because I can’t figure out how to use birth control! But I have figured out that if I have a bunch of fucking booger eating, crack dealing, kids the Gub-ment will send me Mo’ Money each month and Then when those little crumb snatchers turn 18 the Gub-ment will put them up in a nice, secure housing development where there is only the occasional anal rape. But at least they will get to see their daddies.” FUCK YOU AND YOUR WASTEFUL GUB-MENT SPENDING
9)Racists and homophones…GET OFF MY FUCKING PLANET! You are sucking up precious oxygen normal people need. There is no room for these people in society today. With all of the people that are just fucking stupid or assholes, there is no reason to hate anyone based on what genitalia they have their lips on, or what fucking color their skin is. It is a wasted fucking emotion. This pack of jack offs needs to go ahead and shoot each other in the face with a .12 gauge just so we can go ahead and put some decent black, brown, white, yellow, orange folk in their houses and behind the wheels of their pick ups and their BMW’s. FUCK YOU, YOU COCK SUCKING BIGOTS OFF MY PLANET NOW
10)PETA- That’s right fuck off PETA. When you feel that an animal has more rights then a fucking human being, I want you to go ahead and sell all of your shit and move into the woods. That’s right just walk into the rain forest and try and grow a fucking tail. If testing some wonder drug on some fucking monkey will mean that my gay friend who has AIDS gets to live another 20 years, before he gets murdered in a gay bashing incident in Montana, I’ll fucking hold that monkey’s head while the researcher greases it up and we can both fuck it. FUCK YOU PETA!

So in closing I would like to reiterate the high points;
1)Fuck Bush
2)Fuck Micky D’s for making our kids fat and retarded
3)HOORAY home schooling
4)Fuck New Orleans
5)Fuck you AMA
6)Fuck you Cindy
7)Fuck you GOP
8)Fuck you Democrats
9)Fuck you Bigots
10)Fuck you PETA

That is why we are a dumb nation. To many fucking nuts without jobs dictating laws and law making for the “Betterment” of “decent” society. FUCK YOU AND GET BACK TO FUCKING WORK!

Yeah that probably didn't describe why America is Dumb, more like why Americans need a big FUCK OFF from me. I'll work on the explanation of "Dumb" part.

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