Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Attention NFL Rookies!

It is so surprise that I am a Football Junkie. I even watch the Canadian Football league, in the summer time just to get a little fix!

But I have some advice for today's rookies. Well it may be too late for this year's batch of rookies, but surely they can pass this message on to the next years rookies, or even the college seniors.

Ebonics is not a legitimate language, and if you are being interviewed please refrain from speaking in "street" because it is un-listenable, unintelligible nonsense. I have a Sirius Satellite Radio, and I listen to the NFL channel and I am getting extremely annoyed at the lack of intelligent speaking sports athletes.

knowwhatimsayin', okokoklistentothis, seewhatimsayin'

Please for the love of all things holy. spend some of that millions of dollars in rookie signing money, on fucking speech and public speaking classes. For fucks sake, you are now a part of a multi BILLION dollar BUSINESS! This is not the sandlot, or the fucking after hours street game that you used to play with "yo boyz" in the fucking park on Saturday. There, in the park it is acceptable to sound like a drunken gorilla with a mouthful of shit, on national TV and radio, not so much. So please while you're in college take advantage of some speech and theater classes to teach yourselves to speak some semblance of understandable English.

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