Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Movie Star Friends.

So about two years ago I heard that my friend Myrton Running Wolf was going to be in the movie "A New World" With Colin Ferell, naturally I still haven't seen the flick, but I did look him up and we chatted a couple of times and I was loooking forward to hopefully running into him sometime soon...I mean LA is onlyu a couple hors from Vegas, and it seems like I'm in Vegas all the time.

Well I lost him.

I tried to call him and his cell is not the same, and email doesn't seem to work for him, so I am playing in search of.

Cool part about all of this is that I did locate his short film Sacinaw (saw-CEE-naw), on the Fox website for the "On the Lot" TV show. Check it out here

It is a short but poignant piece.

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