Thursday, October 01, 2009


Web Waves and Little kids!

What a great month it was!

Our listener-ship on Black Sky Radio has grown by dozens daily! We are into our 6th week and have almost 1/2 a million hits and 12K people listening. What we need now is some advertisers that are ready to experience growth we have shown our earlier adopters! We have increased web traffic to their sites by 300% and bottom line sales by 30%!

So if you have a web based business, shoot me an email at We'll talk!

So last weekend I went to a Pop Warner football game for 8yr olds.

If you haven't seen this, it is a must see! Cutest little football game EVER! Here pictures are better then words....but I have to tell you the best part. Each of these players have a single bead on their shoes, a red bead on the right shoe and a blue bead on the left shoe. I asked if this was to remember what shoe went on what foot and was answered "kinda". The kids have plays that start like "red 32 dive", the red is a DIRECTION! It means that the play is going to the right! so if the kid doesn't remember what the play is he can at least head in the right direction! I'm thinking that maybe the KC Chiefs need to adopt this same strategy, cause they really suck.

ok pictures.