Sunday, November 25, 2007



That's right the Raiders finally got that Arrowhead monkey off their backs! After 9 disappointing losses the Men in Black got their shit together and snuck in a win against those bitches in red! Here is our day in pictures!

Then there was this guy who I labeled the "Dungeon Master", because he looked like he played D&D in his Mom's basement with Tony last night! And I know that when the chef's get a first down the fans wait for the announcers to say ..."Pick up of 8 on that play and that's gooood for a Chef FIRST DOWN!!" and they all point like a referee would. But the Dungeon Master would have his hand ready for a solid minute PRIOR to the announcer calling for it! He looked so silly!

But we sat next to some groovy people and this time no one tried to scream at us when they were winning, unlike last time I went to the raider game Read that fucking mess here

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