Sunday, November 06, 2005


We was robbed!!...ok we failed...are you happy?

Wow What a GAME!!

Ok more like WOW what a half!

The second half of the Chiefs / Raiders game was a good game. The first half was a defensive struggle where field goal kickers ruled the day. And then it became a good game.

And the Raiders made one mistake with .20 seconds left in the game and the chefs capitalized on the mistake and the chefs won the game. It was a very emotional win and I take nothing away from the hard fought win by the chefs. HOWEVER the entire game as the Raiders were ahead and I was being quiet and enjoying the game, so were the chef fans. Right up until the chefs got ahead. Then the fans became the worse fans on the planet.

I was taking a picture of the extra point OF THE CHEFS second touchdown, and because one of the Raiders players was a guy I used to hang with on occasion when I was in college, but the guy who was so nice all game long, asked me if I had got a picture of that last touchdown…not a bad dig, but the tone of his voice had turned from friendly to one of aristocracy and disdain. I couldn’t believe it. Here I was THE RAIDER fan, hated throughout the league, and yes there is a precedence, there are a bunch of Raider fans who ar3e rowdy. But then again there are rowdy fans from every team. But for someone to be nice to me for the first ¾ of the game and then start talking shit when you FINNALLY get ahead shows no class.

And then on the way out some chefs fans decided to taunt the losing fans who had driven a RV from either Oakland or Illinois I’m not sure where and whew wee! I don’t think those fans will be doing much taunting in the future. They got their asses handed to them very handedly. It was funny. The whole time we walked back to the car, I was taunted for a supporting a losing effort. One drunk was yelling “Where are all of the Raiders fans now!!” and about the third time I heard him say that I hollered back “Right fucking here” and he spun around ready to hurl insults at the mysterious raider fan, right up until he realized he barely made it to my chest and then he was a lot quieter, and his friends joined him in showing some respect. It is amazing how much respect you can get from a drunk when you stand 6’2” and weigh in around 320lbs. (I’m a petite flower!)

Fucking fair weather fans.

You should have heard the bad mouthing the chef fans did for their own team. I couldn’t believe it. Support your own team and show some fucking class when it comes to sportsmanship. I was raised to play hard and do your best and at the end of the day shake the other guys hand and wish him well even if you lose. But to act like a stack of assholes laid end to end who couldn’t make a beer fart in a whirlwind, is just bad form. And I don’t care what team you are cheering for. I even saw a young woman holding a sign that read “Third generation Raider Hater”

Here are some groovy pics!

This is the opening play.
The Raider Defense

Randy Moss...his entire contribution was one catch for 7 yards for a TD. and then we lost the game with this play.....
The Coffin Nail with no time on the clock.

Number 92...This is BIG Ted Washington...6'5" 365 is what he is listed as. He is more like 6'8" 400. This guy was as wide as both the center and the guard for KC combined.

This fucking guy yelled the DUMBEST shit I have ever heard. Stuff like "A forward pass isn't illegal" When the Chefs were winning and trying to run the clock down with running plays to ensure a victory. I also think he was a little mad at me for sitting in his section with my raider shirt on. He was rumored to be the leader of some weird baby snatching cult as well but I can't confirm that.
Gratious Cheerleader picture.

Random butt picture!! This lady and her Hubby made a real cute couple, they had the kid sitting next to me take their picture, and made him stand up to do it so the field would be in the back ground. AWWW

The Big Screen on the east end of the field.

A sea of RED!!

Ok enough is enough! a good time was had by most...KC Fans...find some sportmansship! No wait a minute, ALL Fans find some sportsmanship. Without it we are no better then Terrel Owens...and he was benched for being an asshole.

Please don't teach the baby to hate.

Great Googly Moogly! I mispelled the CHIEFS....

I will be spending eternity having...
Sex With Nuns
Are You Damned?
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