Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Shows on Black Sky Radio

Some of you may Still be asking WHAT THE HELL IS BLACK SKY RADIO?? So here is a quick synopsis:

Black Sky Radio is an internet only radio station that has no genre! That simply means that if teh music is GOOD we will play it...unless it is poppy teen crap IE; Beiber, or insane non musical Hip Hop with angry misogynistic lyrics, or Rap made after 1990 (with the one exception being the Beastie Boys, because's the Beastie Boys!)

We also have GREAT specialty Shows hosted by AMAZING DJ's. Weekends you have Classic Roads with Scott Rhodes, and Friday Night we have Friday Night Fetish with are their graphics....

So Tune in and check us out! We are AWESOME! We are AMAZING! We are BLACK SKY RADIO!

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