Saturday, August 15, 2009


Michael Vick

Ok people I have had just about enough ear and eye rape on whether or not Michael Vick has been punished enough or not.

First, the laws are pretty clear on this, and he did the time that fit the crime. If you don't like it then vote in better law MAKERS! New judges, new senators, new congressmen etc. But lay off the guy who plead guilty, went to pound me up the ass prison and is trying to make a new life for himself.

I always wonder when these typically white bread Americans get their feathers ruffled and start protesting stupid shit. if This is ONE MAN, who made a POOR choice with his friends and family members to continue acting badly when he had become a sports icon. Why don't we protest something that fucking matters for once. Do all of these people who are getting pissy about 6-8 pitbulls also get all worked up over the declining IQ's of our American kids? that the last president "no child left behind" lowered that standards of ALL education creating MANY generations of children who will be made dumber by lower standards instead of better education.

Do these same people feel like protesting the lack of industry and economic standards in Mississippi where they are the dumbest and poorest in the known 1st world countries? Or is that just their own fault and they choose to be that dumb and uneducated?

Do these protesters and angry mobs feel the same about the rampant murders and shootings that are plaguing our inner cities or is that just those other peoples problems because they should know better then to live where crime happens?

Do these wastes of oxygen really feel that in this time of crisis, where we have 3 huge banking failures yesterday, (8-14-09) a war on two fronts (as far as we know the CIA may be running a bunch more), economic shitstorm, high rates of unemployment, factories going under every day, or worse headed overseas, Obama trying to shove some bullshit health care down our throats, and the one thing on everyone's mind is whether or not Michael Vick has a right to earn a living playing a game?



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