Sunday, August 30, 2009


BBQ Black Sky Style

Today Nivens and Myself hosted a gathering of Black Sky Radio back end folks, the peeps what got us up and running so smoothly.

It was a HOOT and a Half, Increidipete, AnisitteKiss, Nivens and the Girlfriend, the Older brother and a friend of his, and me and Bouby. 4 other folks declined to come due to their incredibly insane bad manners, and they totally missed out on my tri-tip, grilled squish, zucchini, egg plant, green salad, and some fine cocktails.

So poop on you people of less then discriminating tastes, and I hope you know I kid because I care! Without all of you we wouldn't have had experienced 150,000 web hits, 13,000 listeners and doubling the traffic to all of our sponsors websites.

Not bad for a couple of douchebags whose only talent seems to be talking into a Nerf covered microphone!


And for all you people who listen....THANK YOU, without you we are just two dickheads in a secret bunker somewhere talking to each through Nerf covered microphones.

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