Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Torn between two lovers...feeling like a stool

So I know that no one gives a shit about this rag of a fucking blog, and I am torn between trying to update more than once a week or less and just shutting the bitch down and saying see ya!

I love all of the peeps I have met through and around this thing but the truth be told, I am running out of fodder. My life, well the life I choose to share here, where I barely talk work because I don't feel the need to lose my job yet, and I touch on my involvement in the community service arena just a bit, because I can't really write what I want because if everyone knows that I am the douche behind the writing, and in charge of things in a business professional arena too, it might get a little more sticky then I want...Who am I kidding? I'd get run outta two organizations and more than likely the whole state of Missouri.

So what do you say when there is nothing to say? Do I just write bullshit like this? do I tell a fancy parable (can someone other then the son of god throw a parable out there?)and try and teach folk that my mistakes are everyone's mistakes?

I just don't know I guess I could be like some of the other people in the blogosphere and just lie, make stuff up and see if any one believes it. maybe I can make up a bunch of quizzes to get to know people better, or make myself look worse then I try this on for size which one of these things have I done in Real life?
1) Mugged a man for cab fare
2) Stabbed my brother
3) Met Prof. Schorofsky from the TV show Fame
4) Had lunch with Crosby Kemper III
5) Stole all of my books for a complete semester
6) Never had a job interview

So out of the six things there which ones are complete bullshit?

Hell, maybe I can just make stuff up.

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