Tuesday, January 13, 2009



A couple of things that have been bugging the shit outta me lately.

News people. …Why on earth do you douche hammers insist on acting out the story that you are telling? I am not talking about the talking heads in the studio, I’m talking about the goofy jackasses that they send out in the field to tell us the fucking roads are slick, or that people are having trouble making the gas payment so the airhead keeps walking through her house and up to her thermostat showing us that yes indeed this is the device that some people can’t afford to turn on or keep running.

What the fuck is that? Is there a news reporter class where they teach you to point at stupid shit just in case we all forgot to wear our helmets, and we have just recently figured out to stop eating the paste? It is just condescending and lame when some reject makes the camera person wander around behind or point in a direction where there is ABSOLUTELY nothing going on, just so they tie their body language into part of the story. If you don’t know about this phenomena but if you watch any morning news you will see it. I am not naming names but for fucks sake Fox 4 is thick with stupid reporters.

The Shocker… Ok we all now that the shocker is two in the pink and one in the stink, but to me that isn’t shocking. Ok I know that a finger in the ass of some people would tilt them off of their axis and cause them to be horribly scarred for life. I think if you went for the Promised Land and tried to throw the shocker in play, and hit a ROOT, and your two in the pink become a ring around the polesy…. THAT would be a SHOCKER. Thinking that you’re heading into the apple pie and instead of sticky goodness, you hit wood…again Shocker.

American Idol…. Seriously. Where do these people fucking come from? My deaf dog can howl with better pitch then 99% of these fist fucking losers who think they can carry a tune and I bet they couldn’t carry a bucket of shit with both hands. And then bawl like a bitch when they are told they suck…do they not have friends? And if they do have friends I would seriously consider getting new ones who don’t talk you into doing REALLY stupid shit!

Guys named Clancy… Yeah I don’t get that name. What the fuck is that all about?

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