Friday, December 19, 2008


yesterday wasn't that good

Bouby and I turned on our furnace about the same time everyone else in KC did. And this was all good. We like heat heat is good. We have enjoyed the benefits of heat since before we were born, so when we fired the ol' girl up in October and she squeaked a bit, we knew at sometime we would need to have someone look at her and make sure all was kosher.

We kind of forgot about the squeaky parts as our lives became busy as they tend to do at the end of the year, and then we got that gas bill....200 bucks! Years previous the winter time gas bill ran on average 80-90 bucks. So we decided to have someone come out and take a peek.

The inspector guy showed up yesterday at 2:00pm and Bouby showed him the furnace, and he looked inside, took off a cover panel, watched the gas ignite and then "hurumphed". Put it all back together and said "get out".

So he then went on to explain that we had a cracked heat exchanger and that the levels of carbon monoxide were way above the levels usually reserved for killing people, and the gas flames were shooting directly up the flue and were a really good fire hazard.

So Bouby called me in a panic, and I left work early to come home and deal with the furnace shopping.


What the fuck do I know from furnaces? I always rent, when I wasn't shacking up with some home owner broad (Pre- you Bouby!)and when my furnace needed replacing I made a phone call to my landlord and said "Fix the fucking heat Slummy McSlummerson!". So I came home and discussed options, and made a couple of phone calls. One of those calls was to a fellow Odd Fellow and we utilized our connections and got a pretty good price.

So I am working from the Casa this morning, and am a bit chilly since we had the furnace down to 63 last night so we wouldn't asphyxiate, and now all of that stored heat is gone until the guys get the new energy efficient 80% gas furnace installed.

I also had a dentist appointment this morning, first one in 14 years. I had a tiny cavity that apparently they filled with platinum because it cost me a fucking arm and a leg! But not bad for 14 years. I was told all is well but to start coming in for a cleaning since as you get older the less your saliva gets your calcium out of your mouth so you get build up and most people lose their teeth because of gum disease and not basic rot.

Which is good to know.

We now have a new is not warm yet....but soon.

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