Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Xmas RIP

Xmas was off to a great start! Got to spend Xmas eve with the in-laws and eating bad food with a crowd of other people who didn’t want to cook either, It was ok , just not my favorite style! And Bouby and I made out pretty good, got some $$ and some Hunting stuff and got to give groovy toys to the in-laws.

All in all it was a pretty fun evening. Xmas morning was good, we slept in, I gave Boub her secret gift, new diamond earrings, they are very pretty and sparkle quite a bit, so she digs them. And then we started to get everything gathered to go to her Mom’s for Xmas day.

Then I got the phone call.

My dad called me and told me that my cousin Richard had died sometime last week and they just found him.


Rich was one of my favorite cousins. He was a renaissance man, a bachelor’s bachelor, Viet Nam Vet from the Navy Branch, college graduate with his MFA in ceramics and glass blowing, ( I know, weird huh? He made some incredible art though) and he spent the last 25 years working for a manufacturing company as a designer and AUTOCAD monkey. His death was quite a blow to the family.

I know it is quite cliché but I really do wish I would have taken more time to spend with him. He would have been 61 at the end of January.

From what we can piece together He was at work on Friday the 19th, his boss told him he looked bad and sent him home, Rich told him that he might take a couple of extra days off to try and feel better. Then Rich’s sister called and talked to him of either Friday night or Saturday night, she can’t remember and then no one heard from him until the sheriff kicked his door in and found him dead. The body was so decomposed that we had no choice but cremation, and no one is sure yet what killed him. He was rotund, borderline diabetic, LOVED whiskey, and was an amazing 5’5”, 6”3” if drunk, and had the skills to back up the invisible height.

The ironic part to this whole tale is that the family had picked out a real nice urn for him, and upon further investigation at his dad’s place his sister found a more suited jar that he had crafted himself complete with form fitting lid, so his ashes get to remain in his creation for eternity. He unwittingly made his own final resting place.


Cousin Rich


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