Sunday, November 16, 2008


So maybe I like it once a week

It seems that when I go to Vegas, all I get is business, drunk, and blisters. I did enjoy another 10 star meal at the Golden Steer, possibly the finest steak house in all of Pangea. The history of the restaurant is somewhat incomplete as was dictated to us by the waiter who had been waiting tables there since the 60's.

The Rat Pack were some of the very first superstars to hang out at the steak house and according to our waiter, the reason was because they were the only place in Vegas that didn't try to make Sammy eat in the kitchen with the rest of the help. They recognized him as the star that he was and gave him his own booth. When you go to visit that place that is one of that coolest parts. Each of the booths are someone else's. This last time we sat in the Micky Rooney booth and I almost had to kill a family of 8 because they brought a fucking baby to the Golden Steer.

I don't care if you are visiting, or you have family come to town if you live there. Find a fucking sitter, or leave the rat at home with one of the unlucky grandparents. You don't don't bring spawn to a fucking landmark restaurant, especially when it is fucking fussy. They really have no idea how close they came to having one large pissed off land mammal land in the middle of their table and start head butting people. If rage were volume, I was the fucking Atlantic Ocean. ( I know some of you thought I was going to say I went to 11, but not this time! I went all scientific on you!)

I did get to see my good buddy "Stands on Stool" (her Indian name due to her small stature) and we talked all about her chemically altered hubby, and his bi-polar ass, and how he is a complete waste of space and needs to become a homeless divorcee. But I missed hooking up with one of my newly found regulars from the California bar days, she was in town visiting her brother or some such. And my old bosses from the same said bar days were reportedly in town as well, I'm assuming for the UFC fights, but who knows since neither one of those ass clowns bothered to return my phone calls.

Know what I say to that?

Fuck them, Fuck them in the as with out lube and then use the fist.

Let's see did I cover everything? Vegas, Top Steakhouse ever, old friends, anal rape, and fisting....that ought to get the google searches up.

OH and this is one of the funniest things I have seen in at least 10 minutes!

See you all on Tuesday...or not, you lazy sacks of crap, whatsamatter? Can't make it 3 more miles up the road. What are you? Kennedy's? Can't make it across a fucking bridge?

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