Wednesday, October 08, 2008



First , Thank you all for your notes of encouragement and understanding. I know that I am not the most compassionate guy on paper, but most of you know I’m the sappy fat kid that cries at a good baby commercial. That being said last Friday was hard as hell and we still have an empty spot.
So thank you all for everything.

Next tidbit of craptastic news.

I received an email yesterday morning that tells me that I am part of the first wave of installers that will be heading to Saudi Arabia. Possibly as soon as FRIDAY!

This does not sit well with the Mrs.

And I still have unresolved issues that need to be addressed before I get on a plane, I was told that this would happen today when the boss came in.
As long as I get what I was told I would get I don’t have any problem doing what is asked of me. However if there is a SNAFU somewhere my big ass doesn’t get on a plane.

Hopefully one of these concerns will allow me to get that new camera that I want. A nice 12megepixel DSLR named after a siege weapon! They have them in a treasure hunt on for a paltry 799.99 and they come with two lens standard 50MM and a 75-300 zoom. I would need to sell my film camera so if anyone is looking for a complete set up, I have a doosy for ya! Email me and I'll drop some knowledge on Ya!

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