Thursday, October 02, 2008


Enough is enough....isn't it?

Do you know what I love about America? There are 200 million people (give or take a Million) who live here and every four years we parade 4 people in front of the American people that less then 20% of the people vote for and these 4 people I wouldn't trust with set of rubber chopsticks. Why can't we find, and or elect someone who isn't a complete KOOK?

Obama- has 173 days of experience as a senator...thats it.
Biden- Racist, Sexist loud mouth who is the only guy laughing at his lame jokes.
McAin- way to fucking old and crazy, he is like your crazy uncle Larry who screams at pigeons in the park because they are government spies.
Palin- Fuck, are you kidding me? She believes that every specie of animal lived within walking distance of Noah's house! That her invisible sky buddy is better then ALL of the other invisible sky friends that all of the other religious nutjobs believe in.

Out of 200 million this is the fucking best we got? I am forced to once again exercise my right as an American to NOT FUCKING VOTE FOR ANY OF THEM! I think I'll just draw a big fucking pussy on my ballot and push it into the box and giggle! Maybe I'll stink palm it first to give the census people something to think about. If we all did that maybe they would catch a clue.

If you don't know what stink palming is, just go for a long walk, get a good sweat going and then jam your hands down the back of your pants right into you ass crack...go deep, get a good fist full of moist sweaty ass stench and then wipe it on something or someone...won't come off for days. I learned this by watching Mall Rats! Awesome film.

How the fuck can we continue to put people in office that have ZERO business being there? If these people were good at anything besides bullshitting they would be doing that. This overblown sense of power and responsibility very seldom actually HELPS the people or the country.

Fuck it here are some funny pictures for you.

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