Monday, September 29, 2008


My association with Negros Vol. 4

My association with Negros continues into my high school years, my closest friend Curtis and I continued to wreak havoc on the town of Manhappen Kansas. We spent our summers drinking beer and working on his never ending project of a Camero, and working out. We rode around town always in search of something bad to do…not evil, just bad. One day when we were seniors we were cruising around Aggieville when we stopped for lunch at what was then Mr. K’s as we were making our way back to my car we crossed paths with a pair of ladies carrying two big bags of trash out of a hair salon. Curtis being the charismatic, smooth guy that he is, asked “hey what you got in those bags?” they replied naturally “Trash..why?”
Curtis asked “Yeah but what kind of trash?”
“Well mostly hair..why?”
“Can we have those bags?”
Giggling massively, “uh well yeah I guess, if you really want them”
Curtis has the third member of our party grab the other bag and we head to my car “The Beast” and toss the bags in the trunk. When I ask what we are going to do with two big assed bags of hair and other such trash from a hair salon. His reply…”Don’t know yet but I’ll think of something”
So I spent two full days with this rotting bag of hair and chemicals in my trunk while Mr. Smarty pants came up with a good enough prank. Well Friday night came and found us doing what we did best driving around and drinking beer looking for flatheads from Ft Riley to roust. When that proved fruitless and as the night wore on it was about 12 midnight when the idea to use the trash hit him. We would throw it on someone’s lawn.
Now I know what you are thinking throwing trash on someone’s lawn big deal, but you have to remember what KIND of trash we had, hair…yes two big bags of hair that we were about dump on someone’s yard. Do you realize how hard it is to get hair out of grass? Well neither did we until we heard through the grapevine that they were still having trouble with a hairy yard two years after the deed. I’m not sure that they have ever known who did this, and I’m pretty sure they won’t read this, but it still happened and it still cracks me up.

I swear I'll skip ahead to the race riot soon!

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