Friday, September 26, 2008


My association with Negros Vol. 3

When we were in the 8th grade we had honed our B&E skills to a fine touch, we could break into any classroom in the entire school in a matter of seconds with only our library cards. Curtis took it a step farther and took the whammy bar off his electric guitar and made the task a simple slide and glide, it was cool. We never stole anything but we did like to make a mess and write on the chalk boards. Like I said at the beginning we didn’t do illegal stuff, just mischievous stuff. We would crack a door and go in and throw paper all over, and knock over all of the desks and leave good morning messages on the board written with our left hands, so not to be recognized, and say stuff like “have a nice day from the sunshine boys” We figured since we were up so early that we were the sunshine, and we brought the chaos. Then I got caught.
I was making a last minute break into Mr. Shoemacher or whatever his name was, one of our history teachers, and I was showing off for some girls and didn’t check my 6 and was pinched by the OTHER history teacher Mr. Peaserisi . He was a dick, and I was escorted to the principal’s office . My mother being one of the cooler people on the planet, was called. She was no stranger to these calls and was known to keep her cool even when she was told that her middle son had just deliberately broken the finger of her bosses snotty kid…but that is a tale for a later date. Mrs. Lynch the horrible Vice Principal, was trying so hard to convince her that I was on a fast track to prison and that I needed to be punished harshly and strongly was asked politely to give the phone to me. As my mother grilled me as to what had happened and what we had been doing and I told her honestly, I mean we made some messes but we didn’t thieve or destroy, so they needed to prove that I was up to no good. Since all of my answers were basically yes or no, I was told to hand the phone back to Mrs. Lynch where I watched as she tried to get a word in edge wise as my mother explained that if she didn’t have more proof then me at the door with a library card that she had no case and if she wanted that she was more than willing to see her and the school board in a court of law…obviously this cavalier attitude did not transfer over to the household where I was grounded, and had all semblance of rights removed while I made good for having been in the principal’s office once again…and it curtailed our B&E for some time.

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