Wednesday, September 10, 2008



This will surprise no one because of the 30 people or so that read this electronic rag, you all know that I have been absent more then usual. I have been lagging in the blog department. The truth of the matter is that I have been busy. With my involvement with two struggling community service organizations and getting shafted at work and the possibility of my side project becoming a post script in a long line of fucking great ideas that never panned out, as well as the fact that I am trying my hardest to be a less angry person....I don't have much to write about. I mean if you cut out all of the angry rants form this pile of steaming data poop...where is the substance?

I don't like talking politics because I am a "best man (or woman) for the job voter and that means that I haven't cast a ballot since Regan. I also don't take the time to learn what the candidates platforms are because I don't think it really matters, we all hear that change is coming and that the big political machine is ever gonna be what 80% (which is still a 'B' BTW)of Americans want. There will never be a government with enough power to keep the bullshit at bay because it is run by humans and we are inherently flawed, we will take the easy road 9 times out of 10, and most of the time that road is paved with the money of the evil. So until I get to be in charge, or someone like my dad gets to be in charge. fuck voting. it is a waste of fucking time and energy. fuck politics, It is a waste of valuable resources, and it is not even close to a fair system, people say we have an open government and all you need to do is get enough votes to win and you're in...yeah well tell that to Al Gore. We don't have an open system when you limit the voting and the media to only 2 parties....I know I can hear all of you poli-sci fuckers now, "There is way more then two parties, you can vote for the pot heads in the green party if you want..." yeah well until the mainstream media ACTUALLY gives equal time to all parties and covers more events then the republicrats and the democans big assed galas where all the lunatic fringe takes a week off and wears stupid hats and works themselves up in a political frenzy that Hitler would have wished he could do...fuck them and the elephanonkey they fucking road in on.

I also haven't read any good books lately, I just don't have the energy. so that medium is out the window, I watch TV but only the FX channel, and that new hole in the wall game show. I watch the Hole, because nothing makes me laugh then a stack of stupid getting pushed into a tank of water by a giant moving wall. I just wish that the tank of water was filled with sharped bamboo spikes covered in human feces....NOW that would be entertainment!

So with my culturally weak mind and complacency toward the election process, as well as my prayers going unanswered for that "planet killer" of a meteor to hit so we can start over...I ain't got much to say.

In a nutsack...
work sucks
elections suck
not reading sucks
tv sucks
traffic sucks
Bouby sucks (BUT in a GOOD WAY! Raaawwwaarr)

Ok that last one is just to see if she is paying attention!

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