Sunday, September 14, 2008


I didn't have to use my AK, it was a good day...

Thank you Ice Cube for the intro, and yes I did go all old school on you sucka MC's!

On Friday my company held a drawing, as they do every week for the "super stars" of the work force. The Prize? Chief tickets. Or as I like to call them this week Raiders Tickets. well Since I am a company man and haven't received a raise in the ENTIRE 6.5 years that I have worked there even though I am one of the few...NAY the ONLY guy that can do everything from sales to install, to sweeping the floor naturally I was over looked. I mean really, just because my Biz card says sales and I spend some of my time on the phone while spending a lot of my time either cleaning up someone elses mess, or doing someone else's job, that never qualifies me as a "Rock Star" so I will never win the tickets.

However there are enough people farther down the food chain, that know what I give, and how much I work, and for who, that they know when to kick back to Nighty so I won't load the hand cannons and show up with out warning them first, or telling them when I will be accross the street in the bell tower.

So the winner of the tickets kicked down and Bouby and I went to the game!

And it was a great game we were surrounded by FANTASTIC Chefs fans for the second year in a row! ( the first year they were complete dicks and almost caught a fist to the face...but now I know where not to sit)Well I say surrounded but in all reality there was one gay couple that sat in front of us that was SO FUCKING CLOSE to getting a beating that the other chef fans were egging me on to toss him the 26 rows to the field. Here he is with his...I'm guessing gay lover as they shared the same shirts and brain.

If you see these guys please be cautious they can lower your IQ enough that you will revert to caveman style, and want to beat them until they are a bloody paste on the ground.

Here is a couple of pics from the game, which the OAKLAND MOTHERFUCKING RAIDERS Beat the Chefs like they were a rented mule!

And We even brought the Black Hole to KC!

Last but not least, here is a picture of the super douche...notice how he is the only one blocking the view of the people behind him...that is what he was doing to us until I told him to sit, and then the rest of the section that was behind me who couldn't see because every time he stood I stood and you know I block a lot of view!

So Ku lost, Chefs lost, and I am gong back to a thankless job that sucks the life outta me like a Vampire every day that I show up...good news is the younger brother has been in the area since last Wednesday and I get to give him his B-day present when he goes out to dinner with us Monday night!


Yeah I know, 1000:1 odds in Vegas...BUT it is better odds then the Chefs have!


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