Friday, August 22, 2008


What is that smell?

Apparently that is the business stench of burning bridges.

We have a certain vendor who has pulled our ass out of many fires and has a tendency to work within our ridiculous time lines, and when he tells us that it will take him 16 weeks to do a job and our illustrious leaders decide that "oh I'm sure that he can do it in 4 WEEKS!" then he should comply with no problems.

Sometimes when someone tells you that is the time it takes to make something...that is under THEIR ridiculous time lines and they really mean it, that MAYBE we should fucking listen and not try and fit a square peg into a NON-EXISTENT hole.

Here is the funny part. EVERY single company that we have talked to from the biggest to the very tiniest fabrication shop, and they all say 16 weeks at the BARE minimum.

That bridge that you smell burning is the reply from some of the top brass here that said "Well I guess we won't do business with Rockstar vendor any more if they can't do the job for us"

You mean the one where you didn't fucking listen to them in fucking April when they said 16 weeks? the same people who work overtime to make us shit that we then sit on for two weeks because we REALLY didn't need that part yet? The same company that bends over backwards for us no matter how many checks seem to sllllloooowwwwwlly make their way to the cash register? THOSE guys? yeah nice fucking business ethics.

This said by the same guys who asked me where I learned to rip people off when I didn't understand, nor was I privy to a situation early this year where we had received the money that I was wonder where it was and they assumed I was just trying to double bill the client....again nice job there.

So we are between a cock and hard place here. one way or another someone is about to be fucked and I really hope it starts upstairs. This way by the time it hits the REALLY important people that cock is flaccid and it will be like pushing rope.

On a completely different story, I have reverted back to the year 1992 Chico State era haircut Yes that is my head, and yes I'm digging on the retro flat top!

PS. the red eyes courtesy of Kelso's Happy Hour and Boulevard Wheat. And NO that is not a band aid, that is a breathe right strip and I am wearing one because apparently I was doing it wrong and needed some adjustment.


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