Friday, August 01, 2008


What the French Toast?

Well for once I think I'm good to go. I had an uneventful drive in, the little one is in recovery, they closed her up on Monday morning, the dog...well the dog is hanging in there and that's all we can ask for, I have a friend who is preggers in NY and writes about that in the perspective of the baby, which is neat, and the daily pain that is my body seems number this fine morning.

So I guess that leaves politics, religion, capital punishment, abortion, and euthanasia to talk about.

1) Politics- Yeah, until we burn Washington to the ground and start over, expect NO changes. so unless you have a suitcase nuke, your arguments are invalid.
2) Religion- All organized religions are scams invented by the monarchs to rule over the uneducated. You should have a personal belief system, and if you don't know the difference between right and wrong...expect to receive a ticket in the mail for a one way trip off my planet.
3) Capital Punishment- YES PLEASE! If you kill someone, either physically or emotionally I want to kill you right back. I hope that I get chosen to flip the switch on that psycho Rick Davis. He worked with me for over a year, he was in close contact with women that I LOVE, had he snapped at work, there would have been no need for a trial.
4) Abortion-I am a man, who is pro choice, therefore my argument ends here.
5) Euthanasia- Absolutely, if you are in pain, either physically or mentally, I think as long as you do it right and not leave a mess for other people to clean up, then by all means kill yourself. My favorite way, which I thought of as a non messy way to endure the big sleep, BIG HONKING hypodermic needle, 4 foot of surgical tubing, attach needle to tubing, get in bath tub, snake tubing down the drain, insert needle into jugular, lay still.

So there you have 5 of the 8 topics covered by my college ethics course. My friend Lizard was in that class with me and she about shit when I stood up and called the entire class with the exception of me, her, and one other A bunch of Fucking hypocrites. See they thought since they were so religious and on the side of god, that they could have a split system of morals.

"I believe in Life for unborns!" and out of the other side of their mouths "I believe in death for criminals"

It doesn't work like that people, it's life OR death, not situational, you can't be fair that way.

So check yourself before someone wrecks it for you.

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