Tuesday, August 12, 2008


There is no way that I can make this up...

Do you remember in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy 5 book trilogy, the short little blurb about the guy who was a traveling salesman and had started documenting the fact that it had rained for 300 and some odd days? And then Douglas took it to the rain's perspective, and the rain drops considered him to be their god and felt he needed watered all the time?


Well I'm starting to feel a little wet.

Got an email from my ex-girlfriend last night, it seems that her brother had some cancerous cells in one of his lymph nodes, and so they went in to take two of them out, and then waited a week, and did another test and apparently the cancer did in fact get into his lymph system and now he has to have the rest of the nodes in his neck removed.

Her sister who was our roommate for a while, is now married and has two kids and the youngest one, the little girl, well she has this deal where she decides that it would be a LOT of fun to run a fever for no reason. Remember "Firestarter"? Well it seems that she has been in the triple digits (101-105) since last Friday, no one knows what the hell is going on.

ON a happier note the little one with the flukey heart is FINALLY growing, she has put on almost a pound since the Nephew got her home last Monday, so we are pretty happy about that!

So all you praying types add some more strangers to your list and send the family's some groovy vibes.

Whatz that?


Oh I think I'm gonna go fishing and try and commune with Mom Nature. See if I can't get her to hurry up with the mass destruction and get rid of some of these people...I'm guessing when she designed this rock she didn't have 6+billion occupancy load rating....

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