Wednesday, July 09, 2008


This Pisses me off..

"Judge Skretny said that land the Senecas purchased in 2005 qualified as “Indian lands” under federal guidelines, but that it did not meet exceptions that would make it eligible for gambling."

So let me get this right, we kill, enslave, and force a race of people off of their land, hook them on booze, and treat them like 3rd class citizens, and when those same people, BUY back their land, and the feds qualify that as "Indian Lands", but they can't use it for Indian purposes?

W.T.F? This judge needs a beatin. Someone should do an inquiry into his kick back folder and ask why, he is acting so cockeyed.

Fucking douche nozzle.

C'mon Iran! NUKE Washington! Let us start over with NO politicians, or lawyers.

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