Tuesday, July 22, 2008



Well when I first wrote that word I was was contemplating all of the various meanings for it.

1) A place to keep horses and other livestock.
2) A gang of hookers working under one pimp or a specific house.
3) Mentally competent, or at least "less" psychotic.
4) Doing better or at least no worse then before.

Definition number 4 is what we are working with today. Little one's lungs decided to play the Cartman game and they tried to say "Screw you I'm going home" and they picked up their ball and headed for the gate. fortunately the big assed doctor/linebackers were ready for such an assult and they snatched those lungs up and filled the full of 'roids and told them that they would either "Straighten up and fly right" or they would be sent to the lockeroom and loose their scholarships.

So they accepted the 'roids, and started to play nice with the other organs. We are now in a holding spiral, waiting.

as the cliche says "waiting is the hardest part". Any idea why that is a cliche? because when you are forced to wait, you worry and when you worry your mind makes shit up. It is too much to ask for someone to "stay positive" when a tiny baby is laid out on a table with more wiring in and around her then the fucking space shuttle. You can't help but play the "What if" game and it never starts with "what if all is well and she grows up to be the cure for cancer"

It never starts that way and that is why the waiting is the hardest part.

Thanks for all the good vibes and prayers. I know the God of Thunder has no need for such a young warrior child, so he will not send Loki for a quick visit.


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