Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Open and Shut!

When we last left our tiny Heroine she was hanging on by a simple thread....

The little one is proving to be quite the fighter. I went to visit the family this morning and got the low down.

She went down and went down hard on Saturday...wait let me start over...Thursday the moved her out of ICU, Friday Mom asked if they could go ahead with the shunt surgery, because her vitals were dropping, No replied the evil Dr. (ok they are the furthest people from evil, but hey every story needs a protagonist) So they waited and Mom watched the monitor, not sleeping, not eating, just watching the monitor and praying.

Saturday- vitals looked worse then ever and again Mom asked if they could please do the surgery NOW rather then the scheduled Monday. NO replied the evil surgery attendent( that makes me feel better, some faceless bureaucrat that is the best in evil!) So Saturday afternoon the little one decided that she was ready to go home and so she left. Not wanting her to go Moms put the brakes on her depature and they revived her and upgraded her back to the comfy ICU bassinett and the hot, seriously hot, nurse type people who take care of sick babies.

Sunday morning, when tiny was stable, they opened her up from crotch to neck and butterflied her chest open to get at the offending organ. After a 4 hour surgery the stint, or shunt I don't know which one is what, was in place they packed her full of cotton and wraped her up. Apparently they leave the littler patients open for easy access.

So I stopped by this mornign and got the details. They had just finished stiching her back up, her stats never played roller coaster like they said the would so she is resting peacefully recovering from open heart surgey and all is good. She will need to come back for a month long stay in 8 months to fix the actual problem but this way she is going to be bigger, stronger, faster, and wait...she is not Lee Majors...Anyway she should be at home with the family in 7-10 days barring any unforeseen new traumas!

Thanks for all the groovy thoughts, prayers and well wishes!

Much love to my Peeps!

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