Friday, July 18, 2008


Drugs.....yes please.

Well our dog is trying to respond to the drugs. She spends all day laying around the house, and when she goes out side she doesn't run and chase bugs, nor does she bark at the neighbor's dumb ass Lab. She just does her business and goes back inside, to lay on the floor. BUT when she is laying on the floor and you walk by she wags her whole body, sticks all 4 legs in the air and demands that you rub her belly. And I don't know if you have ever had a Rottweiler, but if not, let me tell you when she DEMANDS something you need to get it she is a 115 lb dog DOWN from 130, and let me tell you she thinks she is a PeekaPoo.

So we are going to continue to play with the meds, hoping we can find the magic mix to make her feel good. The surgery isn't and option, it is too expensive and she is too old. And more than likely it would kill her or put her through MORE pain then she has now. And typically the Rotties don't make it past 10-12 years, and she is definitely approaching that age range.

Thanks for all of the kind words I'll keep the peeps updated here!

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