Thursday, July 24, 2008


'Bout frigging time...

Things that are putting a smile on my face today;
1) Dog is limping less
2) Little one is OUT of the ICU and into a regular room.
3) Isn't that enough? what do you want from me blood? I'm only human here I can't fix the weather. When my LB finishes his evil robot to take over the galaxy I'll remember this and you won't get to hang at the overlords palace!

So today will be more than likely a less stressful day for Moi. At least if fucking better, I don't know how much of this crap my old ass can take. Constant headache, stiff neck and shoulders from hunching them up in worry...(Well that and practicing my Snidely Whiplash hand rubbing thing for when the LB Overlord releases the robot!)

We aren't all the way out of the woods with the tot yet. The are going to decide when they want to do the surgery today. I'm voting for right now, but fuck I don't have a say in the matter I'm not an MD (I'm 3 credits short of my MD..fucking college algebra) So as soon as they know that we can start the long road of recovery and playing like a baby should.

And as far as the dog goes, well we have started to see her as what she really is. A cranky old woman with arthritis who doesn't want to take her meds. So we have a thrice a day dance party with me and her going in circles whilst I jam a plastic tube filled with her pain meds past her overly strong tongue and down her throat so she won't swell up and die. Yeah I know IT DOES sound like a blast and I encourage anyone who wants to come over and have this much fun to go ahead and come over! I can't believe I get to have this much fun three times a day.

Next week Aunt Polly says I get to whitewash the fence too! And I know that EVERYONE wants to have that kind of fun!

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