Wednesday, June 04, 2008



On my lunch hour today while I was sitting at my desk I wrote a quick groovy mind bending post and I saved it on a flash drive to upload when I could access my shit here at the house. Well since the massive overthrow of good sense at my place of work, we don't have Microsoft Office any more we are forced to use something called open sore office, or weeping pus filled oozing mess, to make spreadsheets and write letters.

So because of the good sense fairy being dead and gone, I didn't think to double check how I saved the stupid file and when I got home I tried to open it and I was refused because I didn't save it as a .DOC file it was something like .ODT or some such shit and now I have to wait until tomorrow to fucking fix it.

So I am bitter, and you will have to wait for the goods I hope the fuck they are worth it.

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