Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Slow realization


How's it going?

Yeah I just realized that I hadn't written anything since I informed everyone that the world was going to end in 2012 just as the Mayan calendar ends. So Here I am. writing pointless drivel while drinking my height in Port.

Well now that is gone, and I am moving on to the Ultimate Manhattan, one of these days I'll make you one.

So work blows, I am seriously going to pull an office space and just stop going in. I think I would be happy for a bit anyway. Maybe go fishing...I haven't been fishing for 6 years.

I can only Twitter from work nowadays and I'm sure as soon as the PTB find out I am having fun on company time I will be summarily spanked on my pee pee.

Congrats to the Gangster on her pending nuptials...I know that there is many a slip twixt cup and a lip, but something tells me that her boy finally got his head un-wedged from his asshole. So congrats baby!

I got drunk at the garage sale last weekend and was admonished by the wife for being obnoxious...GUILTY! sorry I was bored and she wouldn't drink with me. But that isn't her fault, she isn't a day drinker like me! I love to start early and go to bed early, wake up early and have no hangover...Sorry it is what I like to do.

So in lieu of writing something substantial I'll show you some pictures I either made or found.

This I believe is the Valkyrie cooking Thor's meals!!

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