Thursday, May 01, 2008


New weirdness

I downloaded a book from the interwebs a while back and I hadn’t read any of it because …well basically I forgot I downloaded it. The book is written by a one David Icke, and the title is “The Biggest Secret”. When I downloaded this book it was under the heading “Illuminati”, so naturally I thought I was getting the secret of the universe….you know space travel, clairvoyance, peace of mind, and well the ability to see through all women’s clothes…because that IS the most important thing in the universe…female nudity…So imagine my shock when I start reading this book this morning because my interwebs were tangled, and apparently there was some sort of accident on the information highway, this cat is stone cold fucking lock him up and throw away the key, 12 monkeys, screaming about his chair, nuckin futs, psycho! Holy diver if this isn’t the craziest 513 pages (complete with a picture section), manifesto I don’t what is. All he is missing is a ranch in Texas, and 400 kids and he has the making of his own compound.

The table of contents is enough to intrigue you into delving into this madman’s mind. With chapters like “The Martians have Landed”, “Don’t mention the Reptiles”, ands “The SUNS of God” (yes spelled like the gaseous planet we get heat and light from), all the way to page 302 to the chapter entitled “Satan’s Children”. Naturally this is where I went first because, hey who doesn’t want to read about Satan’s kid, I was hoping to get some insight into that horrible Adam Sandler movie “Little Nicky”, Instead what I got was this;
“…This is why the Satanists invert the pentagram and why they use black to symbolize the darkness, hence their Black Mass. But they also reverse the symbolism of white and that is a powerfully negative color to them. The Satanic networks, under the names of their various deities, were created by the Babylonian Brotherhood to serve their needs. We have seen that the accounts of the Watchers and their offspring, the Nefilim, include references to their blood drinking activities. The Brotherhood know that blood contains the life-force energy. Drinking menstrual blood has always been a feature of the reptilian bloodlines because they need blood to live in this dimension. It was known as the Star Fire, the female lunar essence. The female menstrual cycle is governed by the cycles of the Moon and the blood contains that energy. It’s ingredients are supposed to ensure a long life. In India it was called soma and in Greece it was ambrosia, some researchers suggest. This was said to be the nectar of the gods and it was - the reptilian gods who are genetic blood drinkers. The ‘holy grail’ chalice or cup is also symbolic of the womb and drinking menstrual blood, as well as being a symbol of the reptilian ‘royal’ bloodline itself. Menstrual blood was provided for the Elite of the reptilian ‘royal’ line by virgin priestesses and this is the origin of the term ‘Scarlet Woman’ or, to the Greeks, ‘Sacred Woman’. The Greek word for this, Hierodulai, was eventually translated into English as harlot and into German as ‘hores’, the origin of whore….”

Anyone looking at the Christian and Catholic religions differently now? Blood of Christ and Body of Christ takes on a whole new meaning if you want to believe Psycho McNuttyfuck.

I think this is one of those train wrecks that I will need to read from the beginning, I have to figure out what this cat is going on about, he is crazier then Ted Kazinsky’s pet coon.

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