Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Here is somethng new...

Ok so we all know work blows and I am still defending my job on a daily basis because when I am not doing someone else's gig I must just be fucking off.

ANY FUCKING WAY, you may remember last year when we stole my Pops and went to Vegas, So we decided to do a similar dealio with Moms!

So with little to no planning the three Boys are (maybe depending on what HR says) heading to Louisville KY to surprise the ol girl for her B-day this Saturday.

1) I can't really afford it
2) My brothers can be a headache
3) Mom was just at the Wedding
4) Doesn't matter the surprise will be PRICELESS

So grab the deity of choice and wish upon a star that I get Friday off and we can fly into Kentucky unseen and unknown until the younger one gets there in his Prius Wee-nee mobile.

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