Monday, May 12, 2008


Douche bag

Ok I know I have been threatening to do this for sometime, and this morning I have had enough.

If you drive a 4X4 red Chevy Pick Up Missouri license plate # 702 NWO.


I hope the next time you pass a semi on the left SHOULDER, I hope he puts you into the rail and the bumper of your truck goes through the cab and castrates you so your DUMB seed will not be passed on, further polluting the gene pool.

I wish we would go ahead and implode as a country so I can take over and make driving infractions punishable by death.

Another thing I am hoping for, when the America as we know it implodes and becomes the next Babylon, or Mayan empire, is the slave trade!

And I'm not talking about the slave trade what brought my darker brothers from the unknown continent, I'm talking about the slave trade as it should be. Round up all of the douchbags that suck the life out of living. People like Nichole Ritchie, and Paris Hilton. People who have ZERO purpose on my planet. Even the dirtiest of rednecks whom most of "polite" society, looks down their nose at, has more chance of becoming productive in our society. Everyone looks down on thses fellers until their fucking car breaks down!

But when I get to be Illustrious Potentate of the Middle Earth section of New America, I will make those people dig ditches, work as concubines for the guys who like skinny whores, and then they would be joined by people who can't drive, lawyers, and politicians...we don't fucking need them. and if we don't fucking need them then they need to find a different job, and if they can't well I have one for them.

So to recap;

1) Deqath to people who continue to fuck up my morning drive.
2) Slave trade is good if you base it on contribution to society and not skin color.
3) Vote Nightmare for Illustrious Potentate of The Middle Earth Section of New America.

That is all, Enjoy your Monday.

Saw this and giggled, even though it is wrong!

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