Tuesday, April 29, 2008



I just read a little blurb over at X-Man's Joint and his disbelief about the stupididity of people not using the crosswalk, and leisurely strolling into traffic. I get why the bums, hobo, and other worthless human excrement try and get a free stay at the hospital, hell that is the same reason I go to the casinos....gamble what I got to try and get more so I can get away for a while and have something I don't usually get. I understand that motivation...wants and needs.

But what I don't get is why we as humans feel the need to protect the stupid. When did our instinct take a back seat to survival? What is it about the Human race that we feel the need to take the "Lennys" of the world in and protect them from evil world? There is no other species of animal, and yes we are animals, that allows for the stupid, weak, lazy, slow or old to live beyond their usefulness.

I see this every time I go to my dads puppy farm. If there is something not right with the pup, the bitch will kick the pup to the elements and not let it eat, and sometimes yes it will eat it. The dog can sense, smell, see, or just knows that there is something not right and she doesn't want that to proliferate through her pack, so she has a self induced REALLY late term abortion.

Why do we care so much about "people" that we can't see that maybe Mother Nature is right, and we are not as smart and cool as we think we are. Which is why I am not concerned about global warming. When this spinning rock decides it is tired of the infestation of vermin known as man, it will shake us off, like a dog walking out of the lake. We have NO say in when the forces of nature will make us cease to exist. But we continue to try to protect, and keep the dream alive for those people who like to walk slow across the road during rush hour and breed like rats because well, why else, the GOVERNMENT will PAY them to have more STUPID KIDS!

Watch Idicoracy and tell me that the opening sequence isn't the fucking truth...and yes I know I'm part of it , but trust me the planet is not ready for a tiny Nightmare running around...not enough people in the village to raise that demon spawn.

Here is the opening sequence via you tube;

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