Sunday, April 27, 2008


Sunday...Sunday sunday...

If only I could sing, that would be a cool thing to fall back on. I know that most people who sing are always told to get an education so they can have something to fall back on, but I wish I could carry a tune with both hands and a bucket. Currently I can not and I really wish I could, I like singing, I just sound like a wounded water buffalo fighting with a herd of ally cats in a tin shed.

So since I can't I just drink and enjoy those that can. However if you can't and I see you and hear you I will make fun of Clint Eastwood said in Dirty Harry.."a man's got to know his limitations". So if you don't I will point that out to you and make sure that we all have a laugh because of it...I'm an asshole like that.

I am currently nursing a hangover, it is is only 8pm and I'm fighting a afternoon drunk...not really drunk, but enough that I should have kept drinking, but had to opt for the " don't you think you've had enough" defense from the Wife...after all I did have a ton of shit to do...

So I was blog reading and stuff and watching the NFL draft and stuff and I realized that I have nothing to add to any thing nor do I have any sort of philosophical nugget of truth to throw out there for the masses. So what am I doing writing down my most vapid and useless thoughts?

Who fucking knows.

All I do know is;
1) the Loc Nar is the sum of all evil
2) never try to draw to an inside straight
3) don't spit into the wind
4) don't fart in a small car unless everyone is playing the fart game.
5) Work is a four letter word
6) clowns are fucking scary
7) brussel sprouts taste like boiled assholes dipped in butter
8) The All State commercial guy ALWAYS sounds like he is saying "That's All State STAN" and I have no idea who the fuck Stan is.
9) wipe front to back EVERY time
10) don't eat yellow snow even if your friend swears it is lemon.
11) Over the past week (Apr 16 - 23) eleven Americans were killed in the nation of Iraq┬╣, While in the city of Chicago, over the weekend alone, 32 were shot and 2 Stabbed, leaving 7 Dead. 20 were shot in less than 24 hours. On April 23, 5 more were killed in a South Side shooting. That's twelve killed in this U.S. city over the same period." (quoted from Red Blue America)

So there, now I'm gonna take a nap, surely I will be way more sober tomorrow.

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