Saturday, April 19, 2008


Sorry about the weather...

So last Saturday KC was 35 degrees and snowing. It was also the day that Bouby and I held our wedding ceremony. It was held in a big tent outside at The Crossroads music venue, owned by my friend Stretch, there was beer a flowing, and heaters in the tent and we had about 100+ friends and family show up for beer and pizza and nuptials. I got to reconnect with people I hadn't seen in 20 years as well as family I don't get to see enough of. Such a good time.Here are some pics...

The entire time I was there my family kept coming up to me and telling me that I was directly responsible for the cold ass weather and snow.Apparently 20 years ago I mentioned that it would be a cold day in hell when I got married....well it seems like the gods were listening a bit too closely, because I got what I asked for. I'm not sure if anyone elses' family has this kind of ability but it seems like no matter what it is that my brothers and I can ask the universe for some seriously weird shit and we seem to get heard...for instance that earthquake last week, it seems that My little brother had read...well I just cut and paste his email to my mom who was 10 miles away from the epicenter...

"It is so strange... a few days ago I was reading that many geologists are predicting that a large earthquake will happen in California within 30 years, and their models are predicting it with certainty of greater than 90%, which is unheard of certainty in that field. So the first thing that popped into my mind as I was reading about it was "wouldnt it be interesting if one of the Midwestern faults broke loose first" and what do you know... a day or two later... boom.

Obviously I need to think more positively."

So if you need big stuff...well life altering and possibly planet changing just ask and We'll hook you up.

We went to Rock Eddy Bluff< where I asked the big question, and this time we stayed for a full week and it was awesome. No emails, TV's, or phones ringing. What a great time! We did venture in to the little town of Dixon for some needed supplies. And once for a time waster before we had a GREAT steak at The Point, where if you order one of their amazing T-bones, well you get to write on the is a great place, with a fantastic view...but I digress, The town of Dixon is like one of those towns in the movies where strangers get kidnapped, brainwashed, and either made to stay in teh town or they became snacks for the rest of the weird people.

There was only one bar in town and it was only open until 9pm on Friday and closed Saturday and Sunday...and it was touted as a "Sports" Bar...sports bar not open on Saturday and Sunday? REALLY? What. The. Fuck?

There was a curiosity shop, it smelled like cat piss and mold.

There is some money somewhere, there was a lot of high end cars...however there was a distinct class line. From the Caddies to the broke down 30 year old Buicks they had McMansions, and next door, McShitty Shack. And when I say shittyshack, I'm talking about places that wouldn't even be squatted in here in KC, but in the Ozarks, well, apparently hillbillies like to pass their squalor down to the heir apparent with much glory and beer would explain the bottles and the old washing machines, cars, black trash bags filled with rotting garbage, dead animals, broken furniture and something that smells like a full garbage truck rotting for a month in the heat of the Sahara. Such beauty...and the people...well the people like the zombies from the movies....they are brain dead and scary.

But we are back and digging out of a mountain of junk mail and emails and trash from the wedding.

We'll talk later bitches!

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