Friday, April 25, 2008


Fridays...Who doth not love thee?

Well I am asleep at my cube pretending to look for a proposal that I know I will not find because once again your's truly was involved in a computer fuck up of biblical proportions.

The entire week has been one fucking mess after another, and I am just not exactly happy. So if you know of any new endeavors that may make money besides selling crack to the homeless, (I have that gig covered already)I will take it I'm seriously thinking that Micky D's can't be this fucked up and I may opt for the drive thru window gig. Maybe I can bring a little sunshine into the lives of those fat assed fake food eating monkey humpers who breed like rats and live off the dollar menu.

But I digress.

My computer was once again rendered a paper weight. But this time it wasn't exactly my fault, I mean ultimately it was because I asked for the upgrade, but then my IT friend could not make the magic happen like he said he could.

As you people may remember, a few weeks ago I lost my puter for a week because it was a filthy bitch and packed with dust and debris and filth. Well I had purchased a giant hard drive to replace the one I thought was failing, when it wasn't the hard drive's fault I couldn't return the shiny new 250gig monster, because I had already opened it and attempted to put my OS on it.

So I pontificated over my dilemma, for a month and finally decided to see if my IT folks would be able to "image" or "clone" my current hard drive on to my new one so the switch would be seamless. I was assured that this was indeed the case and it shouldn't take more then a few minutes maybe an hour based on how much crap was on the hard drive to begin with.

So with assertions in hand I gladly handed over my laptop that has EVERYTHING on it, to my trusty IT department.

I then went to work in the slave fields which is the shop to basically pull pallets of merchandise around the loading dock...thanks for the BS Degree in Advertising KSU, but I think I'll just lift heavy (263lbs ea) objects for shipping instead of using my head. (I'll take pictures of my bruises later)This all was a Monday/Tuesday time period.

I say Monday /Tuesday, because on Monday they couldn't do the transfer because for some reason the new drive was doing a start and stop trick, and that in turn made the original stop working properly as well. So I was without a computer for my big meeting with Keri Oke to discuss my involvement in the pyramid scheme that is sure to take the local dummies for all their cookie jar money.

When I finally got my laptop back it was under a blanket of apologies because all that occurred was my data was safe and sound on my original drive and my new drive had only an OS on it. So I had to do everything that I didn't want to do to begin with and am still putting shit back together.

The good news is my work place is finally getting me a desktop so I can use my PERSONAL laptop for exactly that....MY business, my porn, my bullshit, and naturally my "go fuck yourself because I hate you" letters to the world of IT.

Thanks kids love the job your doing. If I told someone that I would be willing to move their couch for them and then got it stuck in the hall way going down the stairs to the moving truck, I sure the fuck wouldn't jump out the back window and wave to them with a ton of apologies, I would stick around and see if I could at least let the neighbors in before I smashed it to bits and then bought them a new one....fucking IT.

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