Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Yesterday's FOX

I am not a big news watcher. Most of the talking heads creep me out because they are really bad. And I know what you are thinking, "well if you think they're so bad why don't you do it?" Well I have done it...on the radio, and there is a reason for that...I have a face for Radio! Lauren Halifax is Smoking hot, and so is Karli Ritter, but for the most part the KC TV news is fucking retarded.

Last nights lead story....anyone? anyone?

How the Big 12 Championship's basketball fans will have to face the dress code of the Power and Light District bars.

Wait..What? that is the best news that you can come up with?

Some ass clown who has nothing better to do but watch basketball is offended because he can't wear his hat and jersey into a bar so he can get drunk and puke? Or even catch a sandwich on his way home to the hotel?

This is news? This matters more then the war in Iraq? or the fact that America is Bankrupt, and there are banks closing around the nation and world wide food shortages?

I mean really who fucking cares if the cockmonkeys can't wear their fucking college basketball jerseys in a fucking resturant. Personally I feel that if someone tells you that you can't wear a particular peice of clothing into their establishment, then you have two choices, change clothes, or GO SOMEWHERE FUCKING DIFFERENT! You have NO RIGHTS when it comes to patronizing a particular bar or restaurant. It does not say ANYWHERE in the constitution that the restaurant/bar owners HAVE to serve you...as a matter of fact, they all tend to hang a sign up to the contrary, starts with "We reserve the right to REFUSE service to anyone". Now I can hear all of you left wing democrats whinnying from here "but you can't do it based on color, or race, or religion or sex...right, but we aren't talking about that we are talking about the fucking clothes.

I think all of the saggin, baggy oversize clothes wearing asspipes are the ones to blame for all of this shit. Had they been able to act like decent fucking people when they go out instead of fighting, cussing, acting all fucking loud and animalistic, not to mention, intimidating the rest of the people who are minding their own business, and just out to have a good time.

Some bullshit perceived "dis" on a passerby who happened to look at you like your fucking mars, because you dress like my dirty clothes hamper, does NOT give you the right to get in someones face. Much like the chicks who get mad when they walk out of the house with a low cut blouse and then glare when men "notice" that their tits are hanging out...again shut the fuck up.

But I stray... FOX TV...where was I?

Oh yes, they dumb asses at Fox then ran a story about how your commute was going to kill you, because it causes stress...naturally I wanted to see this because well I have stress.

The whole fucking dumb ass report was based on taking the fucking subway to work.

Look you ignorant fucking desk jockeys. KC DOES NOT HAVE A SUBWAY! I don't care if you did try and sell it to us by first mentioning how you drive to work all white knuckled and mad, or ride the the smelly bus. But when all 3 mins of tape from New York is about the fucking subway...IT DOESN'T TRANSLATE WELL!!

Fucking talking heads aught to do the fucking show buck naked so at least we'd be distracted and not care that they were too lazy to find a real goddamned story.

FOX, all I'm saying is that you're lucky Lauren makes think naughty thoughts.

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