Thursday, March 13, 2008


Well Helllooo Ms. Halifax!

I think that the beautiful Ms. Halifax reads...or at least has someone read, and keep track of this blog.

Why do I think something so obviously preposterous?

I was watching the FOX 4 news on Wednesday morning and at 5:30 (or there abouts) the 3 man crew Lauren, Mark and Don) had a few seconds of air to kill, and the boys were being silly, fuck I don't even know what was said exactly, but I think it went like this;

Don: well last night I had stinky cumulus clouds emanating from my ass.

Mark: Jeeze Don that sounds like fun, have you seen my monkey? Sometimes I like to wear his clothes and dance with strange men on the bus.

Don: I make little castles out of my poop!

and at this time Lauren jumped in and said "Really? this is the best we can do? we have all kinds of good stories to report on, the WAR, the ELECTION, NY Gov. Penis, ...

Mark: But we get in trouble for reporting that.

So all of the shit I bitched about, and a conformation that they aren't allowed to report the news as they have it, and guess what else?

Nope Guess again...

One more time because you are so wrong!

Mark Alford was not in his regular seat this morning!! Coincidence? I think not! I think Mr. Alford was taken to the secret location in the Rocky mountains and beaten with pillow cases filled with oranges. Wait until he comes back and if you see him on the street, walk up and poke him in the ribs...if he winces then you'll all know I'm right and Ms. Hottie McThunderPants DOES keep abreast of the goings on here at SLB!

I also want to tell everyone that Lazyboy is a brand name NOT a Racial Slur!

Keep that in mind, there will be a quiz.

It looks like the next KC Booger Meat up is going to be at

Jaywalkers Sports Bar & Grill
3916 Rainbow Blvd.
Kansas City, KS 66103

March 26th 5-?

And since it looks like they are going to be closing their doors soon they won't mind if we pillage and plunder the place to the ground! So bring your duffel bags and a screwdriver so you can get all of the good beer mirrors before the rabble gets'em!

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