Saturday, March 01, 2008


Things I learned from Movies

1. The Loc Nar is the Sum of all Evil!
2. Never insult a Hippogryph
3. Guns never run out of bullets unless the killing needs to occur up close and personal.
4. Sometimes a Kiss is just a kiss.
5. Smoking is safe and everyone should do it.
6. Unicorn blood looks just like "Okie Chrome"
7. All anthropologists are hot chicks.
8. There is no Internet at Hogwarts
9. Psychopaths have all of the money and yet never have to go to work.
10. Assassins always know the best place to shop for clothes and equipment.
11. Quarterbacks names are generally states.
12. Cheerleaders are either whores or prudes.
13. Dirty = Poor
14. Rats are filthy beasts, unless you are in prison and then they are your friends or food.
15. Fat guys get to fuck supermodels
16. Snow is ALWAYS wet and makes great snowmen.
17. All guard dogs can be tricked with meat, or dog bones.
18. The theory of Occam's Razor is NEVER in place.
19. Black is bad
20. White is good
21. UFO's still use incandescent lighting even thought the aliens have the cure for cancer.
22. Lasers sound like this...Pew pew pew.
23. If it CAN'T happen, it DOES.
24. When a woman does something important, a gentle breeze blows her hair back very dramatically.
25. A group of teenagers can clean an entire 4 story building and turn it into livable apartments in less then a week.


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